STS The Illiad: A tutorial for this new beast from STS? ... Omri?

It looks awesome and powerful … Anyone of the Pros is up to do a tutorial? … Pleeeeaaase! :pray:
Anyway, tomorrow I’ll start messing with it to see what a beginner can get out of it :drooling_face:
Quick docs to get you started (from the STS Github web page)

Good night all! :sleeping:

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The Illiad is but a controller. Its purpose is to be able to move away from all the clutter a monster patch can make and be able to play patches ARP style.

What’s good is that STS released a version that actually is the ARP Odyssey emulation one would wonder when seeing such gigantic module.

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It’s a beauty, that’s for sure!
I’m still not sure if to make a video about it or about the ARP…


I’ve been eyeing the ARP clone with interest. Would love a video on useful ways to incorporate the Odyssey workflow into VCV-land.

Talking about the STS Odyssey, what a beast!! ,

Was just twiddling some knobs (sliders) and then this happened … :wink:
Reminiscent of ELP?? … :wink:

See if short Wav can be linked:

No Patchstorage account yet, so

Patch and wav here:


For all musicians interested in Illiad, a must-read is Part 2 of the book Learning Music With Synthesizers (which Alan Pearlman is coauthor of). The book is downloadable from the Internet Archive website, and it’s worth to take a look at it in its entirety.


Wonderful. Added to the book links in Beginners guide to VCV Rack


Learning Music with Synthesizers” is always the first book in the list when someone asks for an essential bibliography on Synthesizers, in any music forum … So, highly recommended for anyone who wants to make music with any type of synthesizer. :+1: