STRIP Preset: Bird. - Realistic, generative, non-repetitive.

Bird 01.vcvss (22.7 KB)

This is one of my Bird ready-mades up for grabs. Check out the Video for a patching example. This little fella constantly adds variations to intensity, time and pitch while randomly running through presets. Perfect for ambient and overall generative music. For intros and outros. Or just to keep you company as a modular pet. It doesn’t shit, eat and comes with a mute function. If it dies on you? Don’t panic. Ceep calm and reboot its environment.
Required modules shown in the picture.

Use: Top left input is for clock. Below is reset. Both must be connected. “Chirp” output is the voice - connect to mixer. To the right is a sample and hold for panning - just connect it to your Pan input of your mixer.
The “Gaps” module is a clock divider set to trigger random. Change divisions if you feel the twitter is too Trumpy. Note that there are two clocks - the main one is in the multiple top right… so you can move that into the divider. The other one is for the ratcheting. Ratcheting probability is adjustable by: ratchet clock, baseliner bottom knob and probability knob on the ratchet module. Overall chirp probability is set by the clock coming from the multiple. You should add some Reverb to the module.