stoermelder's Idea und Development Thread

I’m also getting quite a few crashes loading strips with modules. If its any help I can send bug reports to vcv or ur Github…

You can send me the files and I can take a look but it might be caused by some other module.

What I notice is Strip preserves 8face mk2 module associations but saving & loading a selection clears them.

One wild fantasy would be to get an implementation of something like Audiomulch’s metasurface, which would be like an uber Transit.

Compared with transit, metasurface does the following:

  • Controls all knobs in the entire interface
  • Maps a preset to a coordinate in x-y “pad”
  • Moving around on the x-y pad morphs between presets, but you can sit stably in between presets
    • if you select a position between the centers of two (three) presets, you get parameters that are in between the presets
  • Visually represents the gradations between presets with vaguely terrain-like contours, automatically calculates boundaries