stoermelder's Idea und Development Thread

I’m also getting quite a few crashes loading strips with modules. If its any help I can send bug reports to vcv or ur Github…

You can send me the files and I can take a look but it might be caused by some other module.

What I notice is Strip preserves 8face mk2 module associations but saving & loading a selection clears them.

One wild fantasy would be to get an implementation of something like Audiomulch’s metasurface, which would be like an uber Transit.

Compared with transit, metasurface does the following:

  • Controls all knobs in the entire interface
  • Maps a preset to a coordinate in x-y “pad”
  • Moving around on the x-y pad morphs between presets, but you can sit stably in between presets
    • if you select a position between the centers of two (three) presets, you get parameters that are in between the presets
  • Visually represents the gradations between presets with vaguely terrain-like contours, automatically calculates boundaries

I will release a “beta” build of PackOne to the VCV Library in a week or two. Now is the time to report any problems you encountered so I can fix them before :face_with_monocle:


Great to see you back Ben!

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Full on testing in progress. Great news Ben!

I’ll try & log it on github tomorrow, if it isn’t already: if you save an 8face in a rack selection file, it forgets all its bound modules.

Yes, that’s right, but there is nothing I can do about that.

Is this because loading a save selection doesn’t use the same module IDs as were used when you saved the selection?

8Face is great but not perfect, and I don’t blame you, Ben. It works brilliantly - mostly. It also works if you use Stoermelder Strip to save a group of modules instead of ‘save selection,’ though I’ve seen cases where it doesn’t restore all of a module’s state. Saving a strip including Squonks seems to forget the save presets for that module.

The most annoying one for me is that 8Face doesn’t save the full state of Frozen Wasteland Probably Note. specifically the current scale notes. Apparently it works to serialize it to JSON if you save it in a Rack patch, but not if you save an 8Face preset. Eric tried to explain why that was to me once and I didn’t understand. I just work around it, by using a different quantizer that does save the scale notes before or after Probably Note.

Hm, I tried (not very hard) to reproduce these issues but I can’t see anything obvious wrong… Can you give me a patch or something so I can check whats going on with these modues?

I’ll work something up & put it on your github

Yes, modules do get new IDs. In STRIP I create a simple mapping dictionary for translating old ID to new ID, but Rack does not have such thing. Every mapping, label or anything else referencing another modules’ ID is lost… maybe I’ll write a feature request for that.

Notice that module IDs went from 32 bits in VCV 1.0 to 64 bits in VCV 2.0? Broke the undo in some of my old modules.

Awesome!! Using Transit version 2.0.37d7231, the expander module works, but doesn’t seem to light up. I use a lot of the modules frequently in Rack 2 and would be happy to test a Mac Beta if you’re still in development. Cheers!

Also, I don’t think 8Face and Transit work with Stellare… Steevio don’t need no stinking presets. :-]

I keep searching the library but see no sign of them yet - hoping to find 'em soon. Thanks for all your hard work.

Why not use a nightly preview build?

wound up doing just that, although I prefer not to use modules that are not in the library as it makes sharing patches that much ore difficult.

well well transit surely has been erroneous for me, it seems it would not end up with the right values unless sample rates were the same as audio sample rate, even more, it would save the erroneous end-points as new references, so settings got lost by, well, aliasing? my fix was to use the highest sample rate all the time, at the expense of cpu.