stoermelder's Idea und Development Thread

v2.0.beta1 is on the way to the VCV Library, hopefully it will approve and appear soon.
Sorry it took so long.
Release v2.0.beta1 · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone (



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Congrats Ben, and thanks for sticking in there! :smiley:


Awesome news!

Ben - I was wondering if there is a way to store presets for a strip of modules with your tools? Like a combination of Strip and 8Face?

I don’t mean presets as in saved strips, but rather buttons that can save and recall param settings (like 8Face does) for a strip of modules.

Maybe Christmas will be a little early this year!

Yes, 8FACE mk2 can do this!
vcvrack-packone/ at v2 · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone (


Ah cool - thank you!

no need to be sorry Ben,

it is really great that you still work on your modules and that we all can benefit from your efforts

vielen Dank!!!

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Congratulations Ben! Thanks for getting them back in the Library!

Great news!!! Thanks so much for hanging in there!

Cheers, dDom

So there it is…


Much appreciated Ben!

Very appreciative to see them back Ben!

Woo Hoo! I was in need of some good news, and it does not get much better than this. Thanks!

I guess S++ did not make it to the library yet.

No, not yet. Depending on bug reports I will submit 2.0.beta2 in a few days to the library, which will include S++.


Awesome!! Any plans for flower sequencer? It looks very interesting.

Not in v2.0. I need to re-think this one…


v2.0.beta2 is on its way to the VCV Library!

New modules

  • Module DIRT
    • New module, crosstalk and noise for polyphonic cables
  • Module MIDI-KEY
    • New module, utility for generating keyboard events from MIDI CC or note messages (#245)
  • Module S++
    • New module, utility for pasting and importing Rack selections while preserving parameter mappings and GLUE labels

Fixes and Changes

  • Module GOTO
    • Fixed crash on patch-loading inside Rack VST (#342)
  • Module MIDI-PLUG
    • Removed MIDI “Loopback” driver as a loopback driver is available offically since Rack 2.2.0
  • Module STRIP
    • Fixed crash on disabling a group of modules (#341)

Love me some dirt!

I had some fun today and added some crackling noise to DIRT… :firecracker: