stoermelder's Idea und Development Thread

If you have unexpected behavior (except for high CPU usage in the VST) you’re welcome to open an issue on GitHub.

I would very seriously consider making the free one not load in a VST. Then maybe make a paid version that does.

Supporting VST sounds like a lot of work in the best of circumstances and devs don’t make any money for making free modules.


It seems they have a pile of work and it’s cool the VCV man himself replied. I wish I could help in any way.

I’m really not comfortable with it but I sent a second reminder and requested assistance on the issue I reported at December 13th.


Let’s hope this will help Ben. Thanks for your persistence in getting your modules to work in VST.


Just read the changelog for 2.0.10, is this related to your problems with Transit, etc. in the VST?

* Rack Pro
  * Fix crash if generating hundreds of MIDI output messages per process block in VST2.

From stoermelders Github I saw this, this might also be related to it? dbc1281 wip v2 - fixed faulty precision handling in VST [#306]

Just for information: After requesting assistance for a second time Andrew responded pretty quickly with a helpful hint how to fix the CPU issue in the VST. VCV Rack has just not been very high on my priority list for the last few months but I managed to incoporate the fix and repair some other issues which came with v2.
The plugin is not ready for a “release candidate” yet as it needs much more testing but any bug reports are welcome. A recent build can be downloaded from the GitHub repository as usual.


Great news Ben!

Let’s test it :wink:

Thank you Ben.


I’m sure I wasn’t the only one worried that we might lose you as a plugin developer due to the frustrations encountered throughout this effort. I imagine there are thousands of people excited by this news.

Thank you so much for your perseverance at whatever pace you can muster.



Great news :slight_smile:

Good to hear from you!

Thank you!

Thanks for the update Ben! Really appreciate you sticking with it. Your modules are essential to my workflow.

Soooooo happy to hear this Ben. Thanks so much for your persistence and the help of the VCV crew of course. :space_invader:

Transit is working in VST like a charm, highest precision mode and the CPU stays stable. This is incredibly good news. Thank you so much again!!


Bug reports here or at Github?

I used Strip to randomize a few modules and after moving the Voxglitch Digital sequencer to a row above STRIP, it was still randomizing the sequencer. Using Rack Preview 2.11 and your latest Pack One build on Mac M1 Monterey

I can reproduce various problems with expanders in Rack 2.1.1 after modules are duplicated or deleted (not sure about older 2.x.x). These problems are not related to STRIP or any of my modules. I reported a bug to VCV support.


Exactly, seems to be 2.11, though they fixed a bug there where modules were randomly placed after re-opening a saved patch