Stoermelder Strip: Not only good for saving "strips"

Hi Rackers,

I had an old patch that I made for VCV Rack 0.6c, which I recovered today for VCV Rack 1.1.1, so I cleaned it up a bit and added the “Strip” module from @stoermelder … Load it into your VCV Rack and play with the random function of the “Strip” module … Who knows, maybe you’ll find good sounds for your samplers or a good base for your future patch! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Download patch: Nice Sounds [v1.00] [Josep - 14.07.19].vcv (16.9 KB)


Oh, so simple, but really nice @Josep!

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What I like is this,
put three (or more) ADDR-SEQ left or right of Strip (trigger them at different speeds) and randomize the Strip them maybe each 16th or 64th step or so.
merge the outputs of the ADDR-SEQ and send them to a quantizer, you’ll have ever changing random
quantized melodies.

just a simple example:
Striped_ADDR-SEQ_1.vcv (46.1 KB)



Really great sounds coming from the first patch… I’ve been wading into V.1 slowly and didn’t know you could affect other modules by touching them or breaking the connection!

rsmus7… your patch looks interesting but can you describe how the Vult Slap and Klirrfactory Clock are wired up… I have these plugins installed but I guess the slugs are bad or something because they never load if I try to check anybody else’s patches.

Looks like the Clock fits between Clocked and the mixer… maybe I’m missing a few other pieces.

This concept is known as “expanders”. I’m misusing it tiny bit in STRIP, but nothing that isn’t allowed in Rack’s API :slight_smile:

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hi ehdyn, if the modules don’t load properly,
I would delete them from the plugins folder and install them fresh
what OS do you use?

the klirrfactory Clock divides the Clocked in 8th to have another slow clock and it goes to the rightmost ADDR-SEQ,
and sorry, but I used the paid version of the Slap, I add the patch with the free version, hopefully this will load fine
Striped_ADDR-SEQ_2.vcv (46.1 KB)

I think you also used the polyphonic ML version of Befaco didn’t you…:grinning:

yep :wink:

they are here:

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Thank you,
Very cool patch… think I have it wired up correctly now… and yes I’m overdue to buy that Vult package.
It’s at the top of my wishlist!

Edit: Ooh it gets a bit mean when you adjust that Erica and the Vult modules are so handsome now.

Nice patch @rsmus7 (in fact, it’s playing in the background as I write this post!)

By the way, I don’t know if you’ve noticed this …

I noticed that channels 2 and 3 in the mixer had no signal output … So I investigated the patch a bit, and I’ve seen that you’ve connected the Befaco’s evenVCO (which [for now] is monophonic), to the Split poly input, so Split only splits one channel and, therefore, no signal reaches the VCA inputs of the other two channels (at least on my system).

p.d .: studying the patch now, to learn its logic and experiment a bit with it … Thanks for sharing! :pray:

@Josep you’re welcome

and for the polyphonic version of the EvenVCO please download the beta versions from Martin:

and don’t update these from the plugin-manager!

then you will hear all channels playing :wink:

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Thanks for the info @rsmus7, I didn’t know that there was a beta version of the Befaco modules … To tell you the truth, it seemed very strange to me that an experienced VCV Racker like you had this “typo” in a patch :wink: :sweat_smile:

Downloading the beta version of the Befaco modules to experience your patch at its fullest! :+1:

EDIT: Wonderful!

I’ve done another version of the patch,
where I excluded the steps of the ADDR-SEQ from randomization,
and added another transpose source etc…

you might try this here:
Striped_ADDR-SEQ_3.vcv (54.1 KB)

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I download it already, and it sounds nicer than the previous one (at least to me), more soft!

Now a newbie question after looking at the new modules (excuse my VCV Rack ignorance):

You are using microMap + AtNuVrTr to prevent randomnes of “step” parameter at each Split random, right? … But then, could one somehow “programing”, let’s say an alternation between Split randomness, so that step=n one time, then step=z, then step=n again, and so on, after each random turn – i.e.: Split random (step=5), Split random (step=3), Split random (step=5), Split random (step=3), and so on? … Which modules would you add to microMap if it’s possible?

this is definitely possible,
you can use a sequential switch for this.
I need to run now,
but I hope I can put up a version using this later.

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Thanks, I will also try it on my side, to see if I can get it … and then I will compare it with yours :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

so here is my version with the switches for “programmed” steps,
you can change the number of steps by the values of the AtNuVrTr’s

Striped_ADDR-SEQ_4.vcv (60.2 KB)

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REALLY NIIIiiiCE! (with Omri’s intonation :wink:)!

I still had no time to try to recreate this on my own (very busy with another thread :crazy_face:), so thanks a lot for sharing @rsmus7! :+1: … Now i need to study carefully this patch to really understand well how it works, because it sounds, really, really nice!

Time to eat something and do some pending things before going to sleep.
“See” you tomorrow if some more questions arise in my head (that probably they will do :wink:)!

I’m using STRIP to selectively randomise Vult Trummor2, there doesn’t appear to be a way of stopping it from randomising the modulation router or am I missing something?