Stoermelder Strip: Do we need a fix place in the Forum for sharing Strips? (POLL)

Good night community!

Today I discovered a wonderful module called “Strip” created by @stoermelder , thanks to the response of @PaulPiko in a thread of this forum, and also to the wonderful gift to the community of @Eurikon, with a handful of “strips” created by himself.

So when testing @Eurikon’s “strips” I have seen the power of those “strips”, not only to be a powerful means to teach VCV Rack/Modular Synthesis techniques to the newbies, but also they can be a great source of inspiration for those who are little bit more advanced in the VCV Rack world.

That’s why I have decided to create a poll to ask the community if you think it’s necessary to create a fixed place where people can share their “strips” either to teach some technique or simply as a source of inspiration for others (please note that “strips” are not “patchs”, but merely a handful of ingredients to learn or inspire the building of a patch).

So the ball is on your roof now (the last word will always be Andrew’s, of course! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
The poll will be automaticly closed on 19.07.2019@23:59, so you have a week to expres your opinion.

  • Yes, it would be nice to have such a place!
  • No, the forum is already big enough to have still another section!

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i think it’s a bit too early to say whether we need a separate category for this. some people were excited about presets too, but there haven’t been many posts with people sharing their presets. i would say that for now the plugins & modules subforum is a good place to share strips, and we can wait and see whether the amount of such posts warrants a separate category.


Agreed, maybe for now just a thread can be enough, and when they are many more Strip users, we’ll think about it :slight_smile:

Background info:

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Don’t know, but for me @stoermelder’s Strip is a very good tool to do short tutorials with modular synthesis techniques and theory for newbies and more experienced VCV Rack users alike.

I mean just a few words explaining the theory together with a little self-contained “strip” for people to download and experiment in their our own systems … i.e.: like a kind of Modular Synthesis/VCV Rack Glosary with short living examples for anyone to download, and more easy to understand than large patches full of strange and complex modules.

But maybe the Great Masters here prefer to make large videos full of important and useful info that no-one is aware of at least he or she spends one or two hours watching a video to just find a gem of just 3 or 4 minutes for his/her next patch AND decides to share that info with others in a short post (like i myself did with an @Omri_Cohen’s video some time ago), for people that have no time to spend two hours watching a video.

So … are you trying to say perhaps that it would not be really wonderful to have the Dieter’s Quantizer Trick (for example) in a short explanation post + a short strip you can load to your system to experiment, and to have all this in a concrete place in the forum, without you having to spend your time watching an almost three hour video, just to find that trick almost at the end of it, or without having to spend your time diving the forum to find some useful technique or theory.

In short, we now have for the first time, a great tool to teach newbies and not so newbies, either the basics or advanced techniques thanks to @stoermelder nice work with Strip, and put all that info in a concrete place of this forum for everybody to find it easily … But unfortunately as mankind usually do with many innovations (not only material), first reaction is to reject it, who knows why…

Maybe because doing a long video gives more prestige and popularity, than a simple post in forum with few words and a short example strip.

Really sad that human being is like this! :cry:

you misunderstand. i am not discouraging anyone from making short posts and/or short videos with quick explanations of a specific technique. in fact, i wish there were more people doing that. and i am not rejecting strip, which is a great tool that can help with sharing such explanations.

i am just not convinced that there are enough such posts on this forum to warrant its own category. i would encourage everyone to make such posts and categorize them under ‘patches & plugins’. until we see a steady stream of several such posts per day, i don’t think it warrants its own category tho.


I’m not sure your bitter tones will help, but you have a very good point about

  • the abundance of long video tutorials, that some people will never have the time to watch, but that provide strong gratification to their authors in terms of social media exposure
  • the relative lack of written documentation (I mean open websites, not Facebook) that is easier to consume for people who aren’t English native speaker, and is efficiently indexed by search engines, thus providing fast solutions to people looking for answers
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About your first point : i don’t think that the people who do tutorials do it for fame on social media… Also, even tho 10min tricks would be nice, this is eurorack, every module is so complex that it takes ages to explain, that’s why videos are long.

For the second : written documents would be nice sure, i’d love to see more, but i like having example in the same time. And in my experience (as a non native speaker) written tutorials are often hard to follow…

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tomorrow stoermelder strip could be deprecated , and we will have a complete category of a deprecated module.

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Yes of course, even VCV Rack or your computer may be deprecated tomorrow :pensive: :cry:

I am very sorry for my previous post, I was just trying to open a sane and deep debate about it, but I see … So my apologies to you all, I will not say anything else … do whatever you (plural) want. :pray:

Anyway thanks a lot @stoermelder for your module … time to close a nonsense poll.

Hi @Josep. I think your idea is good. As @Olival_Clanaro said, there’s no problem at all with having a thread for Strips. You might want to consider yourself the curator of it! :slight_smile: We, as a community, can always bump it up to a sticky post if Strip posts gets popular.

Please don’t be downhearted. :slight_smile: It’s great that you’re coming up with ideas like this.


well, you are doing it very bad , in a forum people may think different that you


To me it have the same sense that open a category “pdf tutorials”, why not think about open a complete "tutorial category " that allow upload whatever kind of file?


Well, I think none of you have seen my point yet :pensive:

The Strip module **IS NOT** the point, but its use as a tool to teach newbies, as well as advanced VCV Rack users, **IS THE** point … It could be another module, but it happens that the module that we have at hand right now is the Strip module of @stoermelder.

My point is simply to open a kind of classroom in the forum on theory and techniques of Modular Synthesis with VCV Rack, where any user of VCV Rack can easily find the information and technique he or she is searching, together with a small self-contained patch (strip) example that he or she can load in his/her system and experiment with it … WITHOUT having to spend a thousand hours watching a video, or spend a thousand hours digging in the forum/internet to find the information or the necessary technique he or she may need, that’s all!

And whether we want it or not, the Strip module of @stoermelder is a GREAT TOOL for that NOW!

Maybe in the future there will be other modules that do the same or even better, but right now we have someone who has spent their time to create a great tool for that, and unfortunately for many here, it seems that it doesn’t matter, seeing their apparent indifference.

Thanks for your encouragement, my friend :pray: :hugs: … I will not deny that I have felt downhearted, as lately when one looks deeply at the things that are happening in the world and the carelessness of many people about it :pensive:


And @David … Forgive me but I will not use my time to answer the first part of your last post … There are too many things that are done wrong right now in the world, to waste time trying to answer those words of yours … Regarding the second part of your post, I hope you read this answer to @immortaljellyfish as an answer to it.

Thanks for moving this discussion to a more appropriate sub-forum, @Vortico!

sorry, perhaps is my language limitations, but I don’t get it

i will emphasize what @immortaljellyfish said: do not be downhearted. i get the impression, and please don’t take this the wrong way, that your reaction is too emotional.

i don’t think there is anyone here who does not see the great potential in a tool like strip. nor is there anyone who would discourage people from making short tutorials for newbies. this is all great, and your enthusiasm for this is admirable. do not be discouraged in this. we are not rejecting this.

but from the perspective of how to manage this forum, there can be different ways in which we can give a place to this kind of tutorial material. (and i am not a forum manager or moderator, just a simple user giving his own opinion.) initially, you asked for a dedicated category specific to strips. and i, and some others with me, did not think that was, at this point in time, warranted. this does not mean we do not want to see such content. this just means that we think that this content fits within the existing categories.

now, in your more recent comment, you proposed:

“to open a kind of classroom in the forum on theory and techniques of Modular Synthesis with VCV Rack, where any user of VCV Rack can easily find the information and technique he or she is searching”

which i think is a much broader idea that has a lot more going for it! this is something i would recommend the forum moderators to consider. thing is, we will also need people generating the content for this.

and let me tell you, it is much easier to just hit record and ramble for an hour, than it is to compress the important information into a five minute video or a two-hundred word text. it takes more planning and editing.

but, looking at this from the other side, does that mean that you want me and omri and others to stop making (long) videos, because there are people here who do not appreciate “having to spend a thousand hours watching a video”? i doubt that it was your intention to put us down like that. i think there is room in this community for both approaches.


Whilst being a moderator I have no responsibility for policy here so bear that in mind.

On ‘Strips’, I think it is unlikely that there will be a category on here devoted to the use of a particular module by a particular developer. My personal recommendation would be a dedicated thread(s) in the Plugins & Modules category.

On the general point about a tutorial category that might have greater merit but the Plugins & Modules category (and to a lesser extent the VCV category) already hosts numerous tutorials and the forum has a good search tool. Again, clear post titling would help matters for other users (and your moderators !).


Hello everyone, those who voted yes but remain silent, hidden in the shadows observing everything what is happening here, as well as those who voted not …

I’m nobody, so do what you want … after all, you know more than me … I just proposed something and I already said everything I felt I had to say … I’m not here to fight against a wall, trying to argue about something that is obvious already, that is going nowhere … In fact, I could say that I regret having started all this.

By the way, @Nik, google is also a very good search tool, with more information in it, than in a simple forum … What need then for a forum? … And @ablaut, of course I do not want you or anyone else to stop making those wonderful videos, nor is it my intention to put down anyone … I don’t know how you came to that conclusion :roll_eyes:

So, let’s give this thread for dead and leave things as they are … If you want to continue arguing is your business, but it has ceased to be mine … Now is the time for me to devote myself to compiling a beautiful library of “snipets” on modular synthesis techniques with VCV Rack with the help of the @stoermelder’s “Strip” … that maybe I will share, or maybe not … everything will depend on my mood.

I wish you a nice day, not only today, but all the days that remain for you to live, which I hope will be many :pray: :hugs:

OK, I think this one has run its course, as the OP indicates. Thanks all for your input.

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