Stoermelder’s PackOne v1.5.0 - new modules SAIL, PILE and MIDI-STEP

Somebody has too much time on their hands!! :grin:



Wow. Sail seems like it could be nuclear-powered not wind-powered. The creative options are setting my brain racing.

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Looks great! Any chance of implementing keyboard shortscut for this? :slight_smile:

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Loving playing with ‘Glue’. Any chance of adding an offset skew (a range of small degrees maybe between 1 &10) to the ‘tape’ such that it there was a ‘human error’ to the feel of the placement. Does that make sense?

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Oh man, look at this mess…


“alles so schön bunt hier” (Nina Hagen 1978)


This GLUE console tape module is fantastic. I had to pull the repo and build immediately when I saw those screencaps. This is going to greatly improve my live performance!

I wanted to work on something similar, but don’t quite have the skills to do that yet - really glad you’re doing this.

(I know it’s not officially in beta yet but can I make a little request? Removing the label should be bound to both delete and backspace, delete passes through to the module underneath, which is not what you’d expect. )

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Sure, requests are fine :grin: I changed this behavior yesterday in the last commit: If the labels are unlocked backspace/delete will remove a label when hovering about it, if the labels are locked the command is passed to the module as usual. I think this should be how users expect it to work… let me know what you think!

I added Crtl+A as a hotkey.

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Sure, makes sense :smiley: Added something like that but it can be disabled if a more „clean“ appearance is desired.

That’s the human mess I mean. Maybe a little too much ‘monkeys and typewriters’ in this instance but it is beginning to resemble a large mixing desk before total recall. So, is it going to happen?

Sorry just seen the above reply. Thanks.

Also any chance of the user being able to change the typeface? Or is that a step too far? Maybe a choice of a few in the CNTRL drop down. (Handwriting & Dymo like)

May I ask for a white label color? Or can I change the colors somewere for my self?

maybe just GLU - Graphic Labeling Utility?

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Yes, you can enter you own color hexstring.

Any chance that undo and redo can include labelling a module?


Fantastic Ben, anything from now on is just me trying to help, let me know if it’s unwanted.

CTRL+ Backspace deletes the hovered label on a Mac.

I am unable to maintain a hex colour in the custom field when setting up a label. Text can be added but Colour defaults to selected colour. Also unable to edit a hexcolour label once the label is placed. Cannot enter text in the field.

I think the increase decrease opacity is flipped in this beta , maybe make it a knob from 0-100 ? 0 being transparent 100 being full on visible ? Love your stuff :+1: