Stoermelder’s PackOne v1.5.0 - new modules SAIL, PILE and MIDI-STEP

Version 1.5.0 of PackOne is now available in the VCV Library. It gives you a bunch of additional features and three new modules, with special mentioning of SAIL which is a kind of dynamic mapping module for your MIDI controller :sunglasses: Also, all my modules can now be switched to a dark panel :ghost:

As always, feel free to leave a comment and suggest some features, though it might take some time until I have a chance to implement them. Busy day job at the moment…

New modules

  • Module MIDI-STEP
    • New module, utility for relative modes of endless knobs on your MIDI controller such as Arturia Beatstep
  • Module PILE
    • New module, translate increment triggers or decrement triggers in an absolute voltage, especially useful with MIDI-STEP
  • Module SAIL
    • New module, control any parameter currently hovered by mouse with CV, especially useful with MIDI-CC or MIDI-STEP

Fixes and Changes

  • Module CV-MAP
    • Added option for hiding parameter indicator squares
    • Added option for locking mapping slots to prevent changes by accident (#89)
  • Module CV-PAM
    • Added option for hiding parameter indicator squares
    • Added option for locking mapping slots to prevent changes by accident (#89)
  • Module MIDI-CAT
    • Added option for hiding parameter indicator squares
    • Added option for locking mapping slots to prevent changes by accident (#89)
    • Fixed broken toggle-mode for MIDI note-mapping
  • Module INFIX
    • Added Leds for used channels on polyphonic cables
  • Module INTERMIX
    • Added matrix mapping parameters on rows and columns for use with midi-mapping
    • Added option for excluding attenuverters from scenes
    • Added ability to copy scenes
    • Added ability to reset scenes
    • Added option for disabling the SCENE-port
    • Added option for changing the number of active scenes
    • Fixed broken fading if either fade-in or fade-out is set to zero
  • Added dark panels for all modules (#15)
  • Added globals settings, esp. for dark panels als default

Nice work! Thank you :slight_smile:

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your excellent modules make Rack more usable and useful, .thanks for the effort!


Brillant :slightly_smiling_face:

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vielen Dank Ben,
ein weiteres excellentes Update :+1:

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Ok, I had a few hours to play around with something new…



Just don’t break it, or it will be seven years bad luck :slight_smile:


Excellent!! 8-voice modal synthesizer in a snap!


Of course, why stop there? :grinning:

It’s very interesting to modulate Elements’ first four parameters (Contour, Blow, Bow, Strike) with a mod wheel.


as long as there is CPU :laughing:


Hi, @stoermelder. A question I have regarding the SAIL module, which I don’t know if I am using it correctly. I mapped an endless encoder of my Novation controller to control a VCA. The problem is that when, for example, I send the maximum value of CC, 127, so I maximize the parameter to the maximum, then when hovering another parameter, that parameter can no longer go up , just down, because the controller is already sending the maximum signal via CC, 127. Although, being en endless encoder, it can obviously keep turning. The only way I have found that allows me to keep turning the parameter is to lower the encoder to the minimum and then I have the full range again (0-127). So, it works flawlessly when the parameter you are controlling is not maximized or minimized. I understand that this is a limitation of the MIDI protocol. I don’t know if anything can be done or if this specific circumstance has been taken into consideration. Would there be any way to reset the CC when passing from one parameter to another? Or perhaps am I missing something? Thank you very much for your fantastic modules. Greetings.

What you are describing is called „relative mode“ on most MIDI controllers and you have to use my MIDI-STEP module patched to INC and DEC of SAIL. I don’t have access to a Novation controller but it most probably supports a relative mode for its endless encoders. Maybe someone else help out here how to configure the controller.

Thanks @stoermelder, I’ll look into it. It’s kind of confusing all this relative thing, I do not find much information. It implies bidirectional communication, right? The MIDI controller must receive data, in addition to sending it, I suppose. I’ll try the configuration you suggest with the MIDI-STEP module. Thanks you very much.

Strange things are going on in my Rack…



LOL. Can it make light modules “dark mode”?

Oh, this is lovely! I’ve wanted something like this for quite a while.

Black magic! Looking forward asap because already feeling myself addict) btw is it one module per label or a whole print machine to make labels then drag it and map?

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so whats the easter egg gonna be? :thinking:

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It’s getting stranger…