Std::string compile error

on my mac, Xcode 9.2
I’m having lot of problems just recompiling my DSP base classes
without including any plugin
all the “std::string” declared inline are conflicting the rack::string (declared in string.hpp)

I have hundred of errors and the compilers says

in file included blablabla.cpp:32:
	Candidate found by name lookup is 'std::__1::string'
	Candidate found by name lookup is 'rack::string'

forced everywhere in my code the use of std::string

Are you saying you have using namespace std; or using std::string; in your code? If so, then don’t do that.

yes, I was forced to use std::string

for example here

            vector<std::string> tokens;
            size_t prev = 0, pos = 0;
                pos = str.find(delim, prev);
                if (pos == std::string::npos) pos = str.length();
                std::string token = str.substr(prev, pos-prev);
                if (!token.empty()) tokens.push_back(token);
                prev = pos + delim.length();
            while (pos < str.length() && prev < str.length());
            return tokens;

happened in all the places I had inlined string declarations

That’s the best option. Another option is to remove using namespace rack;, but using std::string is better C++ and far easier, and it won’t break when things move subnamespace in rack.

A small note: “inlined” is not the correct term there.

correct: more "function in .h files… "