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Hey - are the download stats in plugin manager going to reset with v1?

There are no “download stats”. If you’re talking about “popularity”, that’s the number of VCV accounts who have the plugin added to their account.

While trying to port my plugins for 1.0 (thanks @Vortico for the update scripts!) , i am facing a compile error when compiling from v1 sources.

after doing a

git clone https://github.com/VCVRack/Rack.git
cd Rack
git checkout v1
git submodule update --init --recursive
make dep

i receive the following error (tried both on mac and windows system)

src/dep.cpp:26:10: fatal error: 'stb_image_write.h' file not found
#include <stb_image_write.h>

is anyone else experiencing the same ? or i am doing something wrong ?

Should be fixed now.

thanks ! i can confirm it compiles and runs fine. i just need to fix my plugins now :slight_smile:

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I think I totally agree with this for a couple of reasons, at least:
VCV is literally flooded with enormous potential and possibilities. The community is here to prove it. YET, for someone who never heard about euroracks or similar (like me, DOH!) it’s incredibly frustrating the first time.
It’s frustratring to open the software and see a grey empty panel with nothing in it. And then you ask yourself “well, and now? What do I do?”

YEAH, I know there are manuals that should have been read, tutorial that should have been watched but the first impact is befuddling and TBH some manuals on GitHub are… Uhm… Well… Let’s say that the plugins are amazing but the manuals that came along are not at the same level. As well as some YT videos I’ve seen out there.

I think that having at least one default patch to play could be a good way to say “hey, we all know this is not your usual cute easy to play software but before you delete it from your computer, listen to what you can achieve!”.

This is my 2 eurocents. Pun totally intended! :slight_smile:


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I played around with CV-CC and CV-GATE today, but I’m not quite sure how their usage is intended: when clicking on a CC-number or note the display changes to “LRN”, but how can a control or note been learned from a MIDI-out?

You’re right, “LRN” doesn’t make sense on the CV-* modules. I’ve changed the label to “–”. Currently there is no way to enter note names with a keyboard on MIDI-Gate and CV-Gate, but you can edit the .vcv file with a text editor.

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Rack now displays “*” in the title bar when a loaded patch is modified and unsaved.
When “File > New” or “File > Open” is selected, a confirmation dialog opens reminding the user that the current patch is unsaved. This will reduce confusion and prevent lost patches.


Is in V 1.0 a last files used point or something similiar?


Does it still auto save? If it is not hard saved by the user it will display on a param change etc?

is this still valid ?

A lot of programs have a menu point last used documents which opens a little list were you can load one of the last used files.
Did you never use something like this?


Yes. Pushing any history::Action marks the history state as unsaved.

No. Override ParamWidget::randomize().

Yes, I have. See https://vcvrack.com/manual/FAQ.html#i-have-a-feature-request for feature requests.


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It seems to be quiet overe here, is the v1 API/ABI development soon to be freezed?