Starling Via Modules


Will from Starling here. The modules from the Via line are now available in the plugin manager. You are welcome to post any questions, feedback, or ideas about them in this thread. We want to know what you like and what you don’t so we can make our present and future modules better. Feel free to post bug reports here, but bonus points if you put them in our issue tracker.

Pardon the long intro, lots to share as we have been super focused on getting the modules out into the world.

They are direct ports of hardware eurorack modules. When we designed the hardware, we wanted to make compact devices that would surprise you with new patching potential for a long time. We also like modules that twist up typical functional categorizations, because that helps us think about making sound in new ways.

This means that they can be a bit tricky to wrap your head around at first, but with a few tips and some patching, you can do cool stuff with them right away as shown by @Omri_Cohen in his fantastic live stream introduction:

You can dive into the reference manuals and explore the designs from the ground up, or patch stuff up with an open mind and see what happens.

For starters, I wanted to share a few resources. Each module has a quickstart guide (or several):

And thorough reference documentation:

We will also be posting patch examples regularly, for example, our first one one shows how three of the modules can create a “waveterrain oscillator”:

Most importantly, we hope you have some fun with the plugins :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for these modules, I think you set the bar high for how physical module developers could interact with this community and benefit from a cost effective way to get eyes and hands on your modules before they are physically manufactured.


Yeah, I agree with @pgatt. This is amazing what you’re doing, and I hope that this symbiosis will be beneficial to all sides. Anyway, the modules are beautiful and super interesting. Deep and yet fun to use. Thank you!



v0.6.2 of the Starling Via modules is now available in the plugin manager.

We made a few minor bugfixes:

  • META retrigger mode 3 now correctly models an analog AR envelope
  • SCANNER’s “multiply” map mode no longer causes a discontinuity when the X or Y offset knobs are at noon

In more exciting news, we added a new module for a public beta test with the Rack community!

ATSR is a twist on the classic ADSR envelope. It was designed to have a gentler learning curve than the other Via modules while still offering some unconventional patching opportunities.

We have some preliminary documentation available here:

I will make a thread in the plugins/patches section as a venue for user feedback on the new module. Have fun!



We are happy to share that the Starling Via plugins are now available in the v1 plugin library.

Out of all of the exciting features available to developers in the new version of Rack, we chose to focus on one for our first release:


If you have ever tried our modules but been frustrated by lack of information presented by the UI, you are not alone. We do encourage you to give them another shot with tooltips enabled. It might work for you or it might not, but I think its the best we can possibly do to make it make sense :slight_smile:

Some highlights:

  • All “touch sensors” show a shorthand for the selected mode as you toggle through options. You can jump to a mode by entering the shorthand or enumeration.
  • Slope time is displayed and accepts value entry in seconds on META and ATSR.
  • The frequency in Hz is displayed when META is in audio mode, and as you might hope, the fundamental frequency can be set with note shorthand such as “C4” or “F#3” or by specifying a frequency in Hz.
  • SYNC displays the currently selected frequency ratio.
  • GATESEQ shows the currently selected pattern.
  • SCANNER gives a little more info about the waveshaping characteristics of the available “scan worlds”.

Also of note, we started the process of optimizing the plugins for Rack. Much work is still to be done, but CPU load should be ~25% improved (and if its not, you can let us know and we will be grateful).

No polyphony yet, but expect ATSR to be polyphonic within the next two versions. Now that we have this under control, we will be enjoying experimenting with everyone’s v1 plugins.

Have fun!!



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There is 2 new modules, SYNC3 & OSC3 that look interresting.
Will they be available for VCVRack?

Also a new video, GATESEQ walkthrough:


Yes they will. If you’re able to build from GitHub, early versions can be tested.


You guys are seriously awesome. Thank you so much!


OSC3 video tour

SYNC3 video tour

Details of patches in the video description.


Really nice demos! Wish more manufacturers would do them like this.

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After a build hiccup that’s been fixed, the modules have been updated for Rack2. Along with that there’s an update for the v1 branch.

Github build only atm.


Trying to build the v2 branch…

fatal error: ‘atsr.hpp’ file not found

yup, just hit the exact same error, win10

yep, same on Mac

CD into your local repo, do the following git log command, you should see this:

$ git log -1
commit 4eb8f2e902c16a6a9f8ba25031126eb541cff56c (HEAD -> v2, origin/v2)
Author: liquidcitymotors <>
Date:   Tue Sep 28 19:10:49 2021 -0500

    update submodule

If you don’t see HEAD -> v2 then you need to git checkout v2

Make sure the Via submodule is up to date:

$ cd Via && git log -1
commit 10a078083d8c37bac76a2794db51788947d84de9 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: liquidcitymotors <>
Date:   Tue Sep 28 19:01:11 2021 -0500

    update sync3 scale methods for rack

Look in Via\modules\inc [don’t CD there]

What files are there? If you don’t see that header file try git pull --ff-only

Then try a complete rebuild, CD back up a level to \Via-for-Rack first.

make clean

make -j4 dist

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Hmm, via is completely empty, that explains things and the ‘’‘git pull --ff-only’’’ didn’t fill it albeit updating some stuff. Still empty. That was after a new clone, switch branch to v2, then pull the header files, so no joy here. Alas, it is early days…

Sounds like you haven’t done git submodule update --init --recursive in the repo folder to download the submodule. If you have a folder named Via in your local repo, delete it and try the above command.

this was my error too. doing that and everything was fine.

urhm, somehow it seems to want a public key that does not exist. Not sure why, I didn’t set anything from default and all other repos so far updated submodules just fine… That would explain the empty folder ideed, now how to tell it to forget that key and retry?

Cloning into '/home/Georg/Rack/plugins/Via-for-Rack/Via'... Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.