Stalys albums and patches

Hello, to accompany the release of v1.4.2 of Stalys Plugin, I just released a new (free) album, made mostly with my plugin:

Strange Attractors

In this album, I explore cybernetics and chaos theory through various patchs. The result is some experimental ambient noise that hope you’ll enjoy!

Bellow are the patch notes for all the tracks:

  • 01 - Neuron I: Synaptic Transmission
  • 02 - Neuron II: Interferences
  • 03 - Neuron III: Awakening
  • 04 - Neuron IV: Stimulus Contrast
  • 05 - Neuron V: Dendritic Trees
  • 06 - Neuron VI: Integrate and Fire
  • 07 - Neuron VII: Stationary Poisson Process
  • 08 - Cybernetics I: Knot
  • 09 - Cybernetics II: Apoptosis
  • 10 - Cybernetics III: Intrinsic Pathway
  • 11 - Cybernetics IV: Back Afferentation
  • 12 - Cybernetics V: Ideological Weapon
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Enjoy my new album of lo-fi contemporary classical music.

All tracks are recorded to tape then played at half-speed and run to VCV for further processing.

Also available on Bandcamp and all usual platforms :slight_smile:

Below some videos of the songs of the album: