Stalys albums and patches

Hello, to accompany the release of v1.4.2 of Stalys Plugin, I just released a new (free) album, made mostly with my plugin:

Strange Attractors

In this album, I explore cybernetics and chaos theory through various patchs. The result is some experimental ambient noise that hope you’ll enjoy!

Bellow are the patch notes for all the tracks:

  • 01 - Neuron I: Synaptic Transmission
  • 02 - Neuron II: Interferences
  • 03 - Neuron III: Awakening
  • 04 - Neuron IV: Stimulus Contrast
  • 05 - Neuron V: Dendritic Trees
  • 06 - Neuron VI: Integrate and Fire
  • 07 - Neuron VII: Stationary Poisson Process
  • 08 - Cybernetics I: Knot
  • 09 - Cybernetics II: Apoptosis
  • 10 - Cybernetics III: Intrinsic Pathway
  • 11 - Cybernetics IV: Back Afferentation
  • 12 - Cybernetics V: Ideological Weapon

Enjoy my new album of lo-fi contemporary classical music.

All tracks are recorded to tape then played at half-speed and run to VCV for further processing.

Also available on Bandcamp and all usual platforms :slight_smile:

Below some videos of the songs of the album:


Hi Denis, I just wanted to say that I admire your modules, your methods, your recordings, and the fact that you share your patches with the community. All best regards. Christian

long after the fact, but just wanted to chime in and say thanks so much for all the wonderful work, both artistic and technical!