SquinkyTronix Harmony 1 test patch

If you follow the Community forum as obsessively as I do, you know that @Squinky is working on a new module called Squinkytronix Harmony. This is a “simple” test patch.

Of course nothing is simple when I do it - I feed each of the voices (B T A S or Bass Tenor Alto Soprano if you’re a choir nerd) into a signal delay so that each mono voice is delayed by a useful rhythmic interval.

And then into an AS Delay Plus Stereo FX because everything sounds better with a little delay.

I limited the patch to free modules (besides the squinkytronix) but you’ll need JW, Impromptu, AS, and stocaudio plugins for it to work.

I’m now off to log a feature request with Alfredo for the AS delay to sum poly inputs to mono :grin:

2022-03-01.vcv (15.2 KB)

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Oh, nice! btw, Harmony is free, of course, just not finished or in the Library. Anyone who wants it can build it or download a build.

btw, looks like Harmony really had to struggle to make the root position GMaj (first one in the display)!

I don’t know what it’s doing on the inside. I do know that I could use a quantizer after Harmony to force it into a minor or modal scale. It sounds entirely too optimistic now!

I also did a patch with the Arpeggiator. I see how the arpeggiator is supposed to work, but to use it grabbing notes from Harmony’s output I had to mess around a bit with gates and S&H on the chord output to fool it into thinking I was holding down a chord. It could maybe use a mode where it collects the last N notes on the CV input in a shift register or something.

SquinkyTronix-Demo.vcv (16.6 KB)

I think it would be “better” If I made the quantizer on my input expose other scales.

I have to confess I haven’t tried Arpeggiator after Harmony. Even though that’s why I made it. It might need some tweaks.

Some random thoughts:

  • In a case like this the mono gate (where you found the bug) should work. A monophonic gate should “sample” all the merged CV inputs. Note “should” :wink:

*In a case like this you could turn on “hold”, then set “length” to like 8. Then it should hold onto the last two chords.