Squinky Labs and RPJ modules for V2

Ready for V2. Completely restyled my RPJ modules and an overview of all the SquinkyLabs modules now available in V2.

Updating the documentation for RPJ now which also now has an audio player that plays wav, mp3 and flac. You can drill down into the pattern to grab a sound for Granular synthesis.


Looks nice!

The modulation depth knobs on Kitchen Sink and Substituto still seem to be the old ones and jump out a little bit, maybe you could replace them with one of the other two types of black knobs in there.

Sharp eyes! I didn’t catch that.

The v2.0.12 now also has the new style trimpots. Thanks for spotting !

still one visual niggly here, this one the knobs in Seq++, of which one looks round and doesn’t highlight (the middle one):


Also did a test with Ableton live and couldn’t produce any crashes till now. Need to do much more testing of curse but my first results are positive!

Version 2.0.13 should have the fix for this applied. It was caused by the implementation of the new way of dealing with the lights. Hope it is solved now.

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yes, it does indeed fix it

New Squinky Labs release available for 588342d7.

Release Release v2.0.14 - Rack version 588342d7 · kockie69/SquinkyVCV-main (github.com)

Also new RPJ release availabe Release Release v2.0.3 - Rack version 588342d7 · kockie69/RPJ (github.com)

Any issues, please raise on github.


I have created two new Rack v2-Beta-1 releases, one for Squinky Labs and one for RPJ.

Major upgrade for the RPJ release is CircularRide, my Polyphonic Stereo Delay supporting multiple algorithms including Normal, PingPong andTapdelay . From this version it can aslo be synced so a perfect replacement for Chronoblob. All parameters are cv controllable. Please have a look/play and give me some feedback. Release Release v2.0.4 - Rack version beta.1 · kockie69/RPJ (github.com)

This new Squinky Labs version, built for Beta-1 contains a new stereo version of Booty Shifter.

Release Release v2.1.1 - Rack version beta.1 · kockie69/SquinkyVCV-main (github.com)


Nice! Thanks,

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Circular Ride is much fun now with all the CV modulation capabilities!

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Thanks so much for this!

I do get a crash now with Beta 1 after installing these. Can’t start VCV2 at all anymore.

Can I post the Crash Report here?

log.txt (4.1 KB)

The log

works fine for me on Windows…

Hi Jeroen, I see a warning on Audible Instruments, those were not distributed with the Beta 1.

Possibly you have not deleted the entire Rack2 folder from a prior beta version.

Uninstall VCV Rack, remove the entire Rack2 folder from the documents folder.

Reinstall VCV Rack 2 beta 1, and try again (needless to say, with plugins built for beta 1).

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Thanks mate. Yeah I just deleted the plugin folder. Will give that a try. Thanks

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I’m probably doing it wrong but I am unable to load any flacs or mp3s in TuxOn in rack vst (reaper, windows 10). When I browse for a file I can see wav files but not flacs or mp3s

You have to select a different extension. Than the files with that extension can be selected

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