Squinktronix re-launch, with three free modules

About a year and a half ago I was testing some new modules, Harmony and Apreggiator. I never released those, but I’d like to do that now. Recently I’ve been making some clock modules, but most haven’t made the cut. There is a good one, however, called “Phasepatterns” that is available for test.

Releases can be found on github, or the code can be built from there. If you test out any of these modules and have some feedback, you can put it here, log a github incident, or whatever works best for you.

If you don’t want to download these modules and try them out, I would recommend looking at the manuals. These modules have (I think) some interesting features.

The github releases are here: [Releases · squinkylabs/SqHarmony · GitHub](all releases).

The main repo, with links to the manuals is here: [GitHub - squinkylabs/SqHarmony: Modules for VCV 2.x](repo and manuals).

Here is a screen shot of the three modules currently in test.


i LOVE Arpeggiator, and the Phasepattern is very interesting, thank you!

I have studied harmony (with 3 different teachers) on Piston’s book (it’s like Pro Tools: awful but it’s everywhere LOL, expecially the exercises) and I can only think about how much logic there would be to get a 500 pages right in a module (and I have seen much more difficult books, I remember a French one, from which my teacher took excercises…in one word: nightmare)

my first thoughts:

-the soprano should not “jump” that much (it happens sometimes). if the soprano “jumps” there are problems 90% of the times (ok, it stays within 1 octave range, but it sounds way better (more 1700-ish) if the soprano gets the closest available note), maybe an additional context flag “choose soprano closest note” or something

-seeing root C# and 5 flats on the display make me ask you if it would be possible to have a separate window to choose from sharps or flats, for my teacher’s sake :smiley: in the end the module’s name is Harmony, not Jazzy Enharmony :stuck_out_tongue:

-I thought immediately that “retrig on notes and CV” should be OFF by default, but I’m not a “legato” guy, probably it’s just a problem of mine and the way I am. then I discovered that leaving it ON by default, it generates 2 chords, not one, when inputting notes froma a keyboard connected both to CV and GATE. I would put it OFF by default and revome the choice from the context menu :wink:

-from V to VI the voicing should be 3-3-5 (and it’s rare that the soprano goes up) but here we start an infinite logic trip with a preferred style in ambiguous situations

btw I’m having fun with the module, I will use it for sure!

Fantastic. I still have the Harmony and Arpeggiator testing modules and still love them!

I will do some new testing.

Thanks for resurrecting these. I saw an update entry in the VCV update queue and was hoping that these were coming back… but that was you other collection.

I still have several Squinktronix test patches and I will update them to the V2.2.0 version. The first one I updated is working fine, with Harmony and Arpeggiator playing along with Meander 12 bar blues in Am. This particular patch has a very Pink Floyd Meddle sound to it :grinning:

The Harmony version of the 4 voice chords from Meander sounds distinctly different from the Meander voicing and is definitely giving the PF vibe. It is amazing how 4 voice harmony done well can give such an atmospheric feel to the blues.

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If anyone would like to play with the V2.2.0 Squnktronix modules, here is one of my test patches from a year ago or so, updated to the new modules.

Meander is creating the 12-bar blues progression in Am but only the chord tonic or root note is sent to Harmony which plays the 4 voice chords and the chords are sent to Arpeggiator for the arp. The chord bass note is then played with a gate coming from the Meander bass part and so forth.

Meander with Squinktronix Harmony 2.2.0 - experiment-1.vcv (16.8 KB)

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Due to my bad spelling, the slug has changed, so “old” patches may need to be updated. If you have previously installed the “old” version of this, make sure it now says the version is 2.2.0 (or higher). Even better, delete the old “squinkytronix-plug1” folder, and the normal VCV unplacking will create a “squinktronix-plug1” folder. (I put an extra y in the original slug name. Figured I should fix the spelling now when presumably few people will be impacted. Sorry for any confusion here. fwiw I think I picked up the now ones somehow with out deleting the old ones. Luck maybe.

Thanks. After installing the new version, I had both versions installed. I then was able to add the instances of the new modules and move wires and settings from the old to the new instance and it was painless.

So, will the patch I posted work with the new version for everyone, regardless of whether they delete the old version if they have it?

if your patch is using the “new” ones, then it will be fine. I’ll try testing later tonight and see.

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Glad you enjoy Arpeggiator. I hope that some of the crazy features make it capable of some non-typical music. Or just crazy people using it. I hope you had a chance to look at the manual - there are a lot of things in there that are not super obvious, especially “Beats”, “Notes”, and “Strig”.

I always look at the manuals :wink: and read them again when I think I understood

I have seen the other topic, I’ll take a better look and send a reply

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Return of the Squink!

Great that these got released in the end.


Oh heck yes! Congratulations and gratitude, @Squinky!

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I am so glad you have decided to resurrect these modules and publish them to the library. They are very worthy of release!

I will finally release a video showcasing Squinky Labs, Squinktronix, and Venom that I had been planning ages ago. Stay tuned . . .

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And here is the post featuring Squinktronix, Squinky Labs, and Venom:


Today someone reported an issue where arpeggiator does not trigger after a patch is loaded. I said I would try to repo, and grumbled that the bug report was not very specific.

I just tried to repro what I thought was being reported, but was unable to. Now I can’t find where that report came from.

I try to copy all the reports from random places into github issues where I actually track this stuff, but I just can’t find this one.

If you reported this, will you try again? thanks.

btw, has anyone tried any of these modules inside the rack VST?

harmony and arpegg work fine with midi by reaper on win10

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btw, I am tracking bugs in GitHub, and trying to get them all copied over. I think I have them, other than a lot of harmony rules that I still need to put there.

You can take a look at them - I don’t think you even need a GitHub account. If you do have a (free) GitHub account you can enter and comment on bugs there, too. Issues · squinkylabs/SqHarmony · GitHub

Ah, and btw, The current test releases is what’s in main. There is active new work on the b6 branch, but I wouldn’t advise building from there. At least ATM.

Ever since the re-launch I spend hours with Harmony daily. Occasionally I listened to it for over 8 hours continuously.

It is a wonderful, wonderful module! And it also lets Organ Three and the lovely Basic VCO shine.

Congratulation @Squinky!

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