Southpole: Can't add modules to Library

I’m trying to add the Southpole modules, but they simply do not show up in my Library. Is this a new version issue? I’m on Rack v1.1.3. Thanks!

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it looks like Southpole has not been updated to work with v1.

typically, plugin authors have stuck with similar versioning to rack itself - version 0.6 plugins with with rack 0.6, and version 1 plugins work with rack 1.x.

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It has been updated by @dogonthehorizon and the source is here:


Awesome! Thanks, Nik!

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Oh, my loved SNS Euclidean sequencer!!!


Thanks a bunch Nik! I hope Gerhardt will submit them to the library soon…


They are not very stable for me on linux. I’ll see if I can isolate the problem but I get fairly regular crashes when trying to use them.

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Yeah, would be great if you could pin it down and submit an issue.

Please visit this post in the Southpole Github issues and use the latest builds. The v1 source tree is currently not clean and a few of us put a lot of work cleaning and fixing it up. I’m waiting for the developer to bring all our work into the official source tree.


I appreciate the work done to migrate Southpole to V1.0.0. :+1:
But the linux version doesn’t load due to glibc versions. I have raised the issue on github.


thanks for your hardwork netboy, really great to have these in rack version 1 now.

I cant seem to find the southpole parasites - is this included in the update?

I am particularly fond of the two bumps harmonic oscillator mode in tides. Originally southpole provided a splash module - which on a right click contained the following options : original (tides version 1), harmonic (two bumps), random (two drunks).

I’ve built a build server running Ubuntu 16.04 which is the recommended version to build for Linux and have re-built Southpole for Linux there and re-posted on the OP. This version should run on most Linux versions, even not the latest ones. @therealkitman, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ll be using this build server to build final plugins for Linux from now on.
As for Andrew’s recommendation, it is really a hack and will fail in some cases. It will be great if you can try the new version and let me know if it works.

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I’m having trouble with loading old patches for the same reason, the patch needs Southpole Parasites Smoke but it is currently just Southpole in this build.

Thanks @netboy3. This update now loads on my opensuse linux. :+1:
Welcome back Southpole!

Would you mind sharing one of those failing old patches so I can see the slug names used there? Looking at GitHub, Southpole-Parasites seems to be a separate branch and a separate plugin than the classic Southpole. Parasites also uses a different DSP engine than the classic “eurorack” DSP processor.

parasites is/was a separate package, which offered the alternative firmwares

Here you go -

@TroubledMind, thanks for the patch file. As @ablaut mentioned, I confirmed that parasites 0.6 was distributed as a separate plugin. I’ll be working on migrating it too for 1.0 and will update everyone in the plugin migration thread on the forum (and obviously in GitHub). The exact slug name is critical for backwards compatibility of patches so I appreciate your timely provision of the patch file. Stay tuned…


Southpole parasites is now ported to Rack V1. You can find builds at the GitHub migration thread.

I urge users that use the Southpole plugin to use the builds I posted and not the ones that are available here that are based on the current sources. The builds that are based on the current state of the repo (without all the work that I and a few others put) are incomplete migration, buggy and have issues.


Love the shimmer effect from Smoke with the new firmware.

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