Sound from VCV to a DAW (Ableton)


After successfully building some patches (thanks primarily to Omri Cohen and his tutorials), I am ready to start integrating it with Ableton or Reaper. Please send me off to where I’m sure this has been discussed ad-nauseum and I simply am searching in the wrong areas or ways.

Edit after a video or two, I see how to do it with VCV Bridge. How do you sync VCV and Ableton clocks?

To connect VCV to Ableton, you need the bridge, but I don’t know anything else. To connect VCV to Reaper, Rearoute is enough, Omri made a video about this too if I’m not mistaken. But using the Rearoute, you don’t control the midi in Reaper, you can record the audio tracks, telling Reaper to take the audio from ports 1-2, 3-4 etc … and connecting your VCA outputs to inputs 1-2 , 3-4 etc … You hit Play on the sequencer, you hit Rec in Reaper, and Reaper records.

Thanks about Rearoute. How do you set Reapers project clock tempo to match VCV’s?

U can download veeseevst if your on windows… but vst v2 will be out in about two weeks, three max I guess so whats the point?

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If you use a clock on VCV, you obviously set the same bpm on Reaper. If instead of a clock, you use for example an LFO, on google you can search for “hz to bpm converter”, enter the exact frequency of the LFO, and the converter tells you the bpm to set on Reaper.

I have not looked into VCV 2 at all other than to watch for it’s release (which seems to very much be a moving target), but if as you say it’s out in the next little bit, then of course I can wait. Just had this very cool little patch going and wanted to throw some pads and other vst sounds into the background.

I would use which ever clock needs to be the master but how do you sync the two? How do you tell Reaper what the VCV clock rate is and then sync it (and vice versa). Just trying to start the two together, while I’m sure this may have some interesting consequences, is not going to sync them.

You don’t need a proper synchronization, Reaper will start recording slightly late (before I reversed the order … Press Rec in Reaper and then run on the sequencer), but the audio will still respect the bpm you set, then with a manual editing job, you cut the mute start and grid your audio, or at least, I do so . Maybe there are more precise techniques that I don’t know.

Thx. Presumably, VCV running as a vst won’t have these issues.

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Some tips here:

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Obviously no, we hope it will come out soon! :slight_smile:

Try these videos:

However, to link several clocks together … Clock master Run output> second clock Run input. Clock master Reset output> second clock Reset input. Clock master bpm> second clock Ext. Clock

Thx Dr4am, I understand (mostly) how to keep the clocks within VCV synced, the problem lies in syncing those to the project tempo of the daw. Or sending a master clock from the daw to the VCV master clock.

Until Rack 2 SE comes out (with the VST) the best way to sync Live and VCV is with an audio clock pulse or clock plugin/device from Live. If you have Live Suite then you can use the Clock device in CV Tools.

You will need either Bridge, or a virtual audio cable, or some kind of software/hardware loopback cable to send audio between the two application. Then set the CV Tools clock to 24ppqn and send it out to VCV. Take that audio clock stream from Live into VCV using the audio module and send that clock pulse into Clocked’s BPM input. Press the mode button on Clocked until it says P24 (24 ppqn). Live and VCV should then be in sync.


Excellent stuff. Yes I have live 11 suite.

Oooh, okay, sorry. I misunderstood. So i can’t help you, i don’t sync vcv with other daw.

This type will give i cracks and glitches as bridge havent been updated. And if on mac may fry your vents,