Soo, I'm craving a hardware synth, but it's complicated

I’ve spent a few days in a fit of GAS and since I know some or even plenty of you own a sizebale hardware collection, I thought I’d ask.

I’d like to have a synth that

  1. lends itself to drones and ambient
  2. is a nice, fun, ~deep and satisfying instrument on its very own, content to exist outside of a modular environment, played on the couch table.
  3. offers more than physical knobs to something I feel it could have been patched in VCV
  4. at the same time, is a nice partner to what I do with VCV, be it only through the sounds it sends, or while also accepting CV and gates via Midi

will I be happy with a Neutron? Will I mourn the € 750,- should I listen to the siren call of the Lyra-8? Aren’t the Moogs only designed to drag me deep into a financial abyss? Your input: appreciated :slight_smile:

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Korg Wavestate or Modwave maybe will fit the bill… I have Wavestate and I love it…

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I started with Neutron and 0-Coast. They are still lots of fun.


I cant stop thinkin about motu ultralite mk5 cv Out of vcv into behringer 2600 and 0 coast. I think this would be the ultimate combo

Digitone maybe ? Out of my M32, microfreak and it, it’s amazing by itself ^^ FM is nice for ambient :slight_smile: especially with reverb maxed out :smiley: The digitone one is so sweet


Me too - can’t really go wrong with that pair.

I recommend a Digitone.

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Arturia Microfreak, ASM Hydrasynth Explorer, Korg Minilogue XD - any of those would be hours of fun and provide quite a lot of depth

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I started with a Digitone, then came the 0-Coast and the Neutron, an MPC One as sampler and brain and now a sequential take 5 arrived yesterday. All driven by sequencers from VCV routed through the MPC. Out of all that stuff, I too think, that the digitone is the most couch-friendly and inspirational device. Perfect for drones, arps, getting ideas down, sequencing drums, and it really works great with VCV. So 1: Yes / 2: absolutely - 4 parts multitimbral and can sequence 4 midi-tracks / 3: Hm… Those FM-algorithms are limited, but there is a lot of modulation possible / 4: Yes. Overbridge integrates Audio and Midi-Control into VCV and an the other hand Audio can be routed through the digitone. The midi-tracks can sequence VCV, Clock is stable (for me).

Neutron is IMHO a bit limited, when used standalone. The sounds are great, but I like to combine it with the 0-Coast. I don’t know anything about the Lyra.

Happy GAS-ing

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Does digitone has trig or cv inputs?

No. Just MIDI, but you can hook it up via USB to a laptop and get USB-MIDI to/and from VCV Rack as well as Digitone audio over USB into VCV Rack. The Digitone also has external audio inputs, which means you can also get external audio into VCV Rack.

Example of Digitone and VCV Rack integration:

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Speaking of couch friendly. Indecently got a Polyend Tracker. No patching there but instant fun and so many possibilities.

Whats the latency

@Olival_Clanaro @mosphaere

Yes, the Digitone. I know, I sometimes wish I would have gotten this instead of my -takt and it certainly would make a nice companion but the truth is, a) I hardly use the Digitakt outside of taking it on vacations - although it’s a great device! - and I don’t think it would be much different with the -tone. And b) what I’m looking (longing?) for is more visceral, immediate music-making.

@main.tenant (not sure if I contradict myself now in relation to the above paragraph but) MicroFreak has entered the ring!

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Oh ok! Now I get it. You need an Eowave Quadrantid Swarm.


wow that looks/sounds awesome!

It’s class compliant USB audio. What buffersize can your computer handle? :wink:

Im on 44.1 512 atm

But can come down all the way up to 128, having i7 10gen ill switch to i9 10gen soon so hopefully that will be stable on 128 with no cracks and pops… im having rme babyface fs gonna chain it with motu ultralite mk5 soon to for additional cv/gate outs… should do the trick

Paid for with an Only Fans account? :wink:


Took me some seconds to get your joke. Nice one