Sometimes I wonder...

…if I’m going deaf(er) or my sound card is not worthy or my speakers are woeful.

Meaning, I watch tutorials on youtube and I tinker with test patches in Rack. But for the life of me when someone tweaks a filter and goes “Oh yeah!” I sit back and wonder did something change? I know youtube audio is compressed but my own noodling results in going to “extreme adjustments” with filters etc to perceive a change.

Do I need better gear than just a motherboard’s bog standard audio output and 25 year old gaming speakers?

so… you have been listening to all music on “gaming speakers” for 25 years? I guess that means you clearly don’t give a sh*t how anything sounds… so, why bother? :smiley:

I think the sound quality on a standard onboard soundcard should be well ok nowadays, as long as it’s not full of noise from interferences, which unfortunately is often the case

But if you like any music at all you should at least get some decent headphones I guess… not?


I play music on the big Dali floor speakers in the lounge via a Luxman amp. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: My PCs and stuff are at the other end of the house.

I did think about headphones but I used them for decades for listening pleasure which I’m sure contributed to my tinnitus. Hence I’ve been very reluctant to use them again.

Maybe some nice speakers to replace my gaming ones? :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:

Ah… ok :slight_smile: was just about to think what an amazing experience that would have been for you getting nice sound for the first time… like in some of those youtube videos where people hear or see for the first time :slight_smile:

Yeah, I mean, just try the headphones on your pc or move your pc to the lounge :slight_smile: or buy good speakers, I’d say always go for the best nearfield monitors you can afford.

I use the same set of game speakers i’ve had for 23 years and i can hear filters open.

I tend to agree that even on fairly bad speakers you should be able to hear stuff. of course if the speakers cut off at 1kzh you won’t hear anything up there, but that’s pretty unlikely they are that bad.

Why don’t you post a link to some examples and ppl could chime in with that they hear?

I understand not wanting to blow out your ears from headphones. That said, I’ve been using Grado SR-80 headphones for the last 20 years because they are pretty inexpensive, and I don’t want to blast my wife playing video games.

Some of the best money I ever spent: Ollo Audio S4X

Not cheap but not ridiculously expensive either.


Pick an Omri video, any Omri video :slight_smile:

Of course another issue may be me - I’m in my mid 60s, severe’ish tinnitus, hearing could be affected.

It’s hard to keep up with you young whipper snappers :older_man:

I am also old, and have bad hearing. Or “hearing loss consistent with exposure to louds sounds”.

If you could give me a link and a time offset I would be happy to listen to it. If you tell me “any omri video”, I can already tell you I hear a lot of stuff. But, yes, sometimes he turns a knob and says “ooh - now that sounds great”, but I don’t hear any difference.

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I’m pretty sure that happens sometimes with YouTube, I can’t put my finger on exactly what but my guess is some combo of crushing dynamic differences and spatial homogenisation. If you ever sign up for anyone’s patreon and download uncompressed audio videos it’s like night and day.

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Try this Building a beautiful pad from scratch in VCV 2 - YouTube for a few minutes where he is playing with Tangents. There’s a point where he is adjusting the Freq and Q modulations.

Yeah, I hear things (bad pun) about youtube’s compression. That’s a good idea to find an uncompressed track straight from a producer.

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oh ffs - that video is 18 minutes long. I’m not listening to the whole thing.

No, I said just for a few mins from the start time posted.

I can hear the differences the random walk is making to the filter resonance and the white noise giving things a bit of texture. That’s just through my shitty iPad speaker.

I suppose what I would say is that the additions are subtle. Omri doesn’t tend to go too mad on effects or filters, prefers tasteful.

I’m 55 once toured in a rock band and put my head in Lemmy’s bass bin at a Motorhead gig “for a laugh” once so I certainly can’t claim golden ears.

well, great. You know there is a feature in youtube where you can put the time into your link? But, you refuse to tell me the time. thanks fine. I won’t be able to compare notes with you.

@main.tenant yeah, I can hear that part on my mid-priced headphones.

Um, the time stamp is in the url I sent. Building a beautiful pad from scratch in VCV 2 - YouTube

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It’s at 2m35s and is in the link

Yeah, but I bet you have “Ace of Spades” on constant loop in your ears :guitar:

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