[solved] Behringer UMC1820 ADAT conflict w/ Audio Modules

Good evening everyone. I bought the Behringer ( Euphoria UMC1820 ) half a year ago to use its ADAT connection with an ES-3 and ES-6 Module to integrate with VCV. The setup itself works fine.

VCV -> Audio 16 Module -> ASIO -> UMC ADAT(in 11-18, out 13-20) -> ADAT into ES modules However… since the Audio 16, name implies, offers only 16 channels and UMCs ADAT channels range from 11 to 20, the following happens: the device is split and you have to chose between a: XLR/Line (in 1-10, out 1-12) & ADAT (in 11-16, out 13-16) b: ADAT (in 17-18, out 17-20)

Result: I can only feed 4 channels of my ES-3 either way.

Any attempt to open two Audio modules results in a direct crash of VCV 95% of the time. The other times it crashes only the old instance of the module with VCV crashing a few minutes later.

Drivers are up to date. Use a windows 10 system, i9 intel (6 core), nvidia quadro p2000 5gb, 32gb RAM, SSD with ample space. Tried it with my other Laptop too though and had the same problems.

The driver can’t cope with two signals it seems and the module is bound to split the Interfaces channels above 16.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? i.e. any software that acts as audio interface and mediates between VCV and driver?

Cheers guys!

Multiple Audio modules is not supported in Rack v1. This feature is added in Rack v2. See Rack development blog


In the meantime until v2 you can use AUDIO-64 included in my plugin PackOne.


Cheers Ben, your module works like a charm. Problem solved.

Will donate asap.

Best regards from Berlin.


This is exactly one of the problems that could be solved if my feature request was understood properly.

I understood your feature request, but your proposal is a very messy solution, so I rejected it. It would be better to allow multiple Port instances (held by VCV Audio instances) to connect to the same RtAudio device instance, which has already been done in Rack v2.

Multiple port instances will allow using more channels from the same card, but they will still occupy unused channels needlessly.

My proposal refers to what most mainstream daws have in their preference settings, i am sure they came up with that idea after having thought about it well enough.

So? Most ports in most users’ Rack patches are unused.

VCV Rack has something DAWs do not: Cables. If you want to patch a stereo signal to channels 15 and 31 in a DAW, you have to set up those channels as a stereo pair with the pin matrix GUI so they show up in the channel’s audio output dropdown menu. With Rack, that’s unnecessary. You just drag a cable to inputs 15 and 31.

sigh… :slight_smile: No problem, its all good!

I know „no feature request in this forum“ but it would really helpful if we could label the ports in the Audio-modules :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, Ben! I had a similar problem using my ES-3/ES-6 combo with my PreSonus Quantum and VCV Rack. Needed more I/O! Your AUDIO-64 works perfectly.