Sluggish VCV performance on very high spec PC (but fine on slower computers) ?


I’m using VCV Rack since a couple of months and I enjoy it really much but I faced some strange behaviour of the software based on different pc in which it is installed.

My main PC, which is preatty a beast:

CPU Intel i9 10900K Ram HyperX Predator 64 gb ddr4 3200Mhz Nvidia ROG Strix RTX 3090 Samsung 860 PRO SSD 1TB

run vcv so bad. No matter what setting i chose. 144Hz refresh rate or 24Hz does not make difference (I have a ASUS ROG XG279Q HDR 27’’). Setting in threads menu neither.

I use external audio card Steinberg UR22 MKII using sample rate of 44.1 Khz at 512 ms latency WASAPI.

All is sluggish when opening menu. If I use the search bar it takes very long from typing to see on the monitor the letters

Today I decided to installed it on my pre assembled pc of work (very bad) and all is working flawlessy. No redrawing when searching plugin, no lag, no stutter.

How it is possible?

Maybe is better to try a fresh install?

Could be related to windows managing some setting or Nvidia driver?

All fine on my macbook pro 16. Blazing fast.

Thanks for your help and sorry for the long post.

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maybe WASAPI is the problem here? maybe use ASIO instead.


Is this computer configured and tuned for DAW usage?

ie: checked for DPC issues,

also make sure that NVIDIA is actually assigned to VCV in a special Windows 10 setting.

There was a post about that just a couple of days ago.

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Even on my ancient computer, WASAPI and ASIO performance are essentially identical.

I suggest checking Task Manager to see if other things are hogging CPU or Disk Activity, Or Process Explorer for a deeper view.

Do you experience latency in the audio or only on the screen?

Yep, here’s the link:


I don’t think the 10900K has an integrated GPU, so Rack should be using the RTX3090 automatically, but maybe I am wrong. I had massive problems with my UR22 (mk I - but should be the same driver). Have you installed the Steinberg/Yamaha-Driver? Then use ASIO. If that does not work, try a different USB-Port (The UR22 does not like USB3 and PCIe Gen4 is also not working) I had to buy a seperate PCIe-USB-Card to get it to work properly. But first thing to do is to check this: Solving DPC Latency Issues | Sweetwater as Eurikon already mentioned.

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It sounds like it’s the video that is sluggish. But poster has not provided any details.

The 10900K does have integrated graphics (Intel® UHD Graphics 630).

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When I said “essentially identical,” I meant they’re both as fast as I would expect. And for me, totally useable. But I don’t make patches with 700 modules in them. That wouldn’t work so well on my lowly computer. :slight_smile:

But within the limitations of my old hardware, and me being happy enough with a 512 samples buffer, my machine does OK with Rack. There is something weird going on with the OP’s computer.

Only on the screen.

Especially when searching for plugin.

I write but there is a lot of input lag.

It is correct. Sorry for the late reply.

It is also correct that 10900K has integrated graphic.

No audio lag problems. Only video issue.

I just tried with other PC which have RTX 2080 and I faced same problem as my main PC. Is like the GPU isn’t work correctly.

I also have to specify that I have 2377 modules installed maybe it is related.

Sorry again for tha late reply and thanks for all your help.

This should not matter.

please try the suggestions about around GPU. forcing to the right one, asking windows for GPU usage. That really seems like the most productive way to go.


Ok after several tries I found what’s wrong. If using a 1080p monitor everything is smooth. If using 2k or 4k monitors all become sluggish. Maybe vcv is not optimized for these two resolutions. Running on lower desktop resolution and all is blazing fast.

VCV is fine at 4K. If you have a decent GPU. Oh, sorry, I already said that.

I’m on a 4k screen and had troubles with the Intel onboard GPU.
Then I got a NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 for about 50 bucks and all problems are gone. Windows TaskManager says 92% GPU load for 3D (whatever that means, I’m not a GPU expert). The Rack runs at 30 Hz framerate.


Just to rule everything out… Are you sure that your monitor is plugged directly into your RTX 3090 and not into your motherboard’s video output?

Yes this is my gaming pc but this specific graphic card has certain problem with VCV rack.

Just tried to install my old Gtx 970 and all runs smooth. Especially in the module picker. No more redrawing.

I will link a video with my pc performance so you can tell me if it is normal.

It is not normal for a reasonable decent video card to have sluggish performance with VCV. I’m sure your gaming computer has decent graphics, so this does not sound normal. Are the drivers fully updated? Anything unusual in the VCV log file?