sickoLooper5 for beta testing

If someone is interested, there is a module for beta testing.
This is the new sickoLooper5, inspired by hardware looper devices

It’s available for download on github, compiled for any platform.
Please dm me for bug reports or open an issue on github.
Comments and suggestions are welcome.




I will try it asap.


Nice. Is that all one giant modules? I assume so. If it were me I would lose the vestigial fake screws, but I know some ppl like them.

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Yes, it’s a big one, but It can be reduced to two or three tracks.
No screws? It’s too early, we have to wait for RackV3 :wink:

I know you are joking, but for those who don’t, there are plenty of modules from V1 and V2 that do not have screws. Btw, I guess that “C 64” font you use on the panels is intended to look pixilated and “8-bit”? LOL, and I see now that your logo is an homage to the Commodore logo :wink:

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I’m interested! I’ve got it installed and will try and do some testing later.

Having a quick look, I do have a feature request straight away. Would it be possible to add pitch control? It’s always fun to loop stuff and play it back at different speeds. I usually just use octaves, although other people may want variable pitch. One of my favourite effects in VCV is what I call ‘micro-looping’, where samplers record short sections of incoming sound and play it back looped at different octaves. It makes a kind of granular delay effect. I used to use Simpliciter for this, but recently it’s starting to crash. This could be amazing as a replacement (although Simpliciter has a lot more features, I’m not asking for all of them!). Maybe Sicksampler is better for this, but I haven’t got it to work in exactly the same way yet.


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Thanks for your feedback. I recently tried to make time stretching and pitch correction (without changing sample durations) functions with no success, because I didn’t find open source libraries to make it work easily and cpu lightweight. Maybe someone else could point me on the right path.
At the moment, since recorded loops need to keep fixed duration to match tempo and time signature, i think it’s not possible to add the features you request in this module

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I tried the sickoLooper5 a little bit, my first impressions: the recording is pretty hot, I record at about 60% source volume and I can playback at only 15% volume when I have 3 channels active the Master volume is set to 10% , I mix the channels and Master in Mixmaster. I still have audible clicks although I set the XFD to around 100ms. I will try more and see what I find,

It is a cool module and I really like what it can do!

Yep, the levels do seem a bit high. I only tested it for a few minutes and apart from that it works really well. I’d probably use it with guitar mainly, and send each loop to different filters and effects etc. At the moment if I want looping I have collections saved that use Simpliciter or Lupullo loopers with the Nysthi AutoXfader in front to eliminate clicks (it just adds a short fade in/out when recording starts/stops). This module is potentially a great alternative to that.

Also, no problem if it can’t do the micro-looping thing with octaves (pitch shifting is difficult to do well, especially for free!). Sickosampler is probably more suitable for that, I just haven’t got it to work the way Simpliciter does yet.

thanks @rsmus7 and @VirtualModular I’ll answer you both

Levels: I didn’t found problems with levels. Pay attention to source level knob, because its range is from 0 to 200% (just to amplify too quiet sources), so 100% is in the middle. If you’re experiencing too loud signals, it may depend from the source that is not muted after recording, or the loop has been overdubbed too loud, or the track is “doubled” because you’re feeding your mixer with both track output and master output.

Crossfade: Maybe I didn’t understand well your scenarios. Looper starts crossfading when bar has reached in synced tracks, or from the loop end for unsynced tracks, so it should crossfade only from the beginning of ‘extra samples’, as explained in the docs (I have to improve docs, I know)
As to say: if you’re importing pre-recorded loops with lengths equal to bar duration, it will only fadein the beginning of loop, and not fadeout the end of the loop. In that case If you ‘unsync’ track it may help ticking “Extra samples 1/2 second” option in the track context menu, so it will start crossfade a half second before the end of the loop.

This behaviour is because if you start crossfading earlier you’ll loose tempo synchronization.

Perhaps in some situations it could be useful a fade out (before loop end) instead of a crossfade.
I think if you record loops with sickoLooper from scratch it should do the work.

But as the variables can be too much, I suggest to mail me your patchfile with issues, and I’ll check it.

However, I realized that there is something to fix in the playback of the sample at the end of the loop, I will work on it


hi, do any of your loopers work with multichannel wav files? for my type of work i am constantly using 5ch wav files, i believe only voxglitch and nysthi make samplers that can do this.

Unfortunately not. Only mono/stereo wavs. I’m sorry

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Not a sampler but a player, Stems from Flags handles multichannel


Published a beta3 with following fixes

  • fixed issue on loop fade out when synced loops play at greater measures than recorded
  • changed default crossfade and minimum start/stop fade to 6ms
  • fixed issue on “save preset + loops” that didn’t delete wav files if tracks are empty
  • fixed missing “SOURCEs to MASTER out” and “Only Click on EAR” settings when saving preset

Published beta4:

  • fixed a fade issue when the loop restarts while still fading out from the previous stop

If no other problems are found, I think it could be submitted to library.

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