Show added modules in library

Is there a way to show which modules I’ve added in the website’s Library?

Go here and click show owned ?

Thanks! Didn’t even know that was a thing.

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If you log into the Library page, and then go to VCV Library - Plugins - it will show all the plugins in the library in a single list on one page.

Left column is colour-coded with grey for “Subscribe”, blue for “Unsubscribe”, and green (of course) for “Add to cart $nn”. Also a light grey for “Unavailable”, probably meaning not updated for Rack v2.

You can expand to show modules in each plugin by clicking on the “>”, or “Expand All” at the upper right.

There’s also a “Show Owned” button on the upper right, and it appears to show only the plugins for which you have subscribed to all or any modules.

[edit - Whoah! people are faster than me.]

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