Should Music posts be limited to one thread per artist?

(Andrew Belt) #1

Frequent posts to #music is more than welcome, but for better organization, would it be better to require artists to post in one thread, or should they be allowed to create a thread for every patch? Remember that bumped threads are pushed to the top of the “Category” and “Latest” pages.

  • Artists must create one thread where all their patches are posted
  • Artists may create a thread for every patch

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(Paul Piko) #2


(Andrew Belt) #3

Since the poll results are not unanimous, I will not add a new rule for now.

Artists may post multiple threads in #music. However, it is highly recommended to combine all your works into one thread, but it is ultimately your choice for how your want to organize.


I have all my music in one thread and that’s fine but it would be good if there where some way to distinguish between a “new music” post and a “comment on music” post when the thread is put at the top of the latest post bar.

(Andrew Belt) #5

I can’t think of a way that would be possible.

(Phil Golden) #6

Is it possible to have a user tag specifically for music? Scenario: click on a users name, filter their music, when they post a track they choose to tag it as a music piece. Similar to how filtering a users posts works in each thread but as a site wide filter. Maybe clicking on their music tag opens another browser page where all their tracks are.

(Andrew Belt) #7

You can search for @username #music.

(Phil Golden) #8

That’s handy to know. Doesn’t necessarily filter their music the way I mean, that just filters their posts/threads in music no? I mean have it tagged in a way that when one person clicks the tag on the popout from their name all their music is in the one place and not in sporadic threads, as it might have been posted. There’s a few extra steps and clicks others would not have to make to listen to every track they have posted which would get laborious after a while. If their music is one space after the clicked filter it would be easier to multi-task on the site.

Suppose the easier way is to have users post in the one mega thread and filter by their postsCapture

(N6smith) #9

As a temp solution of sorts… You can edit the subject title with an update date or notice and then make a post to bump the post to the top of the list… Example ‘Nigel’s Music - Updated 2nd March 2019’


I was thinking that maybe each post in a thread could have a subtitle that would be listed under the thread title ie:
dag2099’s music thread
New piece: Under It