Should artists create a new thread for each song/patch on the Music category?

Some time in 2019 I decided on a “one question per thread” rule so that all thread titles should correspond with the first post. (Ideally all question threads should be titled with a sentence in question form such as “How do I install plugins?” instead of the lazy “i have a plugin question”.) This rule also prevents thread hijacking and changing topics after a thread has been created, and it allows a thread to have a definite solution/resolution instead of never ending.

I’m considering applying a similar rule to the #music category. In this proposal, a thread on #music should consist of a link to your music/patch in the first post, and all comments following it should be about the music in the first post.

In mid-2019 I made the opposite decision, so this proposal would reverse it.

Please vote on this poll to give me a better idea of the opinion of this proposal.

  • Artists should create a new thread for each song/patch.
  • Artists should create one thread for all of their works.

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The thread has several statuses including New for the musician’s first post and then Unread for subsequent posts. If the person ignores the new post (Dismiss), they will be notified of the following posts in the same thread ? If not, then they will always ignore the musician’s posts… (I’m sorry about my English, Andrew Belt)

Must it be only one or the other? I like having a big thread that’s a dump of random experiments, neat tricks I discovered, and quick live jams, no quality standards, sometimes not even songs as much as demos of techniques… and the occasional new thread for stuff I put a lot of effort into like albums.

I’d share way fewer things on here if I had to make a new thread every time.

Pleas keep your threads as they are. I follow all of them, they are fun and informative.

It’s interesting how the poll results are nearly the same as the poll from 1.5 years ago. Because more people prefer one thread for an artist’s complete works, I will not change the rule on #music.

I’ve pretty much stopped posting that I was LIVE on Twitch, because it felt I was repeating myself. Also, by reposting the link, I was “given notice” (in the preview side), by the system that the link to the stream already existed.

To remedy that I started erasing older posts of the live stream announcement because those were done anyway.

But I thought at one point I might get a warning to stop erasing so much posts.

It’s really unclear to me how to properly proceed. If it was a new thread each time, I don’t how how I could name them differently, I mean LIVE is LIVE, there isn’t 100 ways to say it.

So I am not voting, simply because I don’t know what’s best between both methods.

meh ¯_(ツ)_/¯

To announce a stream, you can post your “I’m live” message and delete the previous one. This bumps your thread.

So erasing old posts is in accordance with the rules. Alright. Fair enough.

New questions:

If it’s decided that it’s going to be a new thread each time, how do you think this should be delt?

We can’t erase threads, that I know, so if making a new one, will it be ok even if it’s the same title?

What’s your thoughts on that?

Erasing or not is up to you. Actually, it probably makes sense to leave the “I’m live” comments just to keep a record of when you’ve gone live. But erasing them is fine.

No, the rule is not changing. Artists should use a single thread containing all of their works.

Oh darn,

I missed the part " I will not change the rules on #music " I thought the voting was still on. Everything good now.

I like the idea of keeping a record.

I might only remove the link, so there is no “notice” in the message preview.

But maybe I shouldn’t bother with that message?