Share your patch selections (.vcvs)

load same selection via strip++ and mappings will be there. This is an issue with Rack’s own ‘Import Selection’ implementation


This selection is delightful!

There is a free and a paid version of Disjoint, and I received a missing module error upon loading your file.

So, I took the liberty of substituting with the free version.

Random Beat Repeat_All free version_USE STRIP++ TO LOAD_20240418.vcvs (13.0 KB)

Also, I noticed that it’s worth playing around with the output range in ADDR-SEQ’s context menu.

As was mentioned earlier, loading with STRIP++ preserves the mapping.

Thanks @fractalgee and @Alphagem-O - I wasn’t aware of Strip++, will give that a try. I have the paid version of Vult, never understood why some of the modules are identical to the free ones.

Glad you liked it though, will see what else I can dig out!

Never fully understood that either, and I guess we are not the only ones: Vult Free vs Premium.

It would probably be less confusing if free and paid were separated into two different collections, with modules belonging exclusively to one or the other.

On the upside, it is much appreciated that Vult offers modules for free that could easily pass in the premium/paid category.

I requested this feature not long after the release of Rack v2, this must be two years ago. I don’t expect anything happening soon on this topic.
But I will update the manual for STRIP++ as it is indeed not very helpful right now.


I guess the more the better, so here’s not holding my breath, as always Ben to the rescue!


Basic drum beat: Kick, off-beat hihat and clap

Basic drum beat w. kick, off-beat HH and clap_20240420.vcvs (8.1 KB)

This one is very basic, but for some reason it took me some time to nail it the way I wanted it. Replace drum modules with any sounds/samples. Chronoblob 2 (Alright) to create the clocked off-beat offset for the hihat. Adjust the Time knobs in CVD (Bogaudio) to change timings and groove.


if i do a patch selection i often use teleport modules

so my main clock is always named clk0

if i insert such a selection the clock is already present and runs

a note module to describe the outgoing teleport modules. So i only need to add the missing teleport moduls , connect them and it should work

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This is a nice idea! I assume you are referring to the Teleport modules by Little Utils.

So far, I usually keep a clock module in the .vcvs and rewire the clock manually to the master after the import. But I envision that it can save you a bit of effort when importing a selection, as long as you adhere to a predefined standard.

Thanks for the tip!

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FWIW, there is a Windows port, here: Release Version 2.0.0 - Windows build · Ahornberg/AriaModules · GitHub I have it working on a Win10 laptop, but I rarely use that (instead of my MacBook Pro).

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Thank you for the recommendation, John!

I tried @Ahornberg’s port of Darius in Rack v2, but unfortunately it does not run properly for me on a WIN10 desktop computer. For example, I cannot turn any of the CV or probability knobs in the matrix. Not sure whether any issues have been described for the port.

Darius v1 runs fine in VCV Rack v1, but I rarely fire up this older version of Rack.

Subharmonic Rhythm Voice

Inspired by the Moog Subharmonicon, this voice uses polyrhythms and subharmonics to generate basslines, chords, and melodies in interesting harmonic patterns.

There are 4 divisons of the clock to use: Divisions 1 & 2 go into the top logic circuit of BINARY and 3 & 4 into the bottom one. Changing or sequencing these divisions, the Output mode, the “On the 1”, and the logic operators on BINARY will give a variety of rhythms. For each Logic Out there is an ADDR sequencer and an AD envelope.

3U version - SubharmonicRhythm1.vcvs (14.9 KB)

6U version - SubharmonicRhythm2.vcvs (15.3 KB)