Sequential Switch with de-click?

I released version 2 of my Klavis Grainity emulation that uses the Nu-PolySplice solution. It works just as well with the Slade solution, except I like how the De-click control with the Nu-PolySplice method is able to display the crossfade time in milliseconds.


For 16->1 instead of 1->16, the path just needs to be set up backwards, but I agree that the VCV-only approach still does not provide what you were looking for. As you say, it gets quite complex if length selection is to be included. Your granular filter emulation is intriguing.

I’ve added your suggestions to PolySplice for the February beta

It was way harder than it should have been due to how I had previously coded it, but not complaining, it was fun and I am pretty happy with the result, thank you very much for the suggestions

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I am a little unclear about the knob mode. Are you offering a choice between vertical and horizontal?

Or are you defaulting to VCV default behavior, with an option for your custom horizontal mode? VCV out of the box offers vertical, absolute rotary, and relative rotary.

I think the latter option would be much better.

The mode knob is now the same as other knobs by default (vertical), the right-click menu has an option to switch the knob back to how it originally worked (horizontal).

The absolute and relative rotary should be unaffected.

Edit: sorry thats not that clear either…

In Rack, by default, all three options of Linear, Absolute rotary, and Relative rotary, act in a vertical fashion.

My context menu option just flips the modeKnob->horizontal boolean, which takes effect for all three knob types.

Hope that clears things up