sequence a particular step in a sequence

now i can change pitch on both sequences with 2 addr. i am using the clock from first example. Can i make clk2 move 1/8 of clk 1?

alright there is a ration there =)

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OMG i have been waiting 4 years to do this. There really IS A SANTA!

As said, there are many ways to get to what you describe.

I guess the simplest solution to get to your sequence of notes is just to create a 12 step sequence on a sequencer. To enter your notes, Right click the appropriate steps knob or slider for the notes and just enter notes by letter+number note/octave (e.g. C4, which happens to be the Default for most V/Oct). Btw, you can also enter frequencies and even simple calculations (e.g. C4 * 1.5).

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I dont understand how this solution gives deviation to a particular step? =)

Finally i am able to post again. I was on a 24 hour block since i am new to the forum.

So the problem now is that i janked a patch cable from seq 1 out from the swith to see what will happen. And i cannot understand it because what happened is that seq 1 and seq 2 now have different starting positions so its very hard to tell with the ears what happens to the cableless step in the switch. Anyhow this leads to the next problem. How can i sync them again to start from step 1, and is there a way to keep them in sync?

Yes, when you set up clocked the way I did in the patch the reset out going to the reset of both Seq will reset them both to start at step1

I will try this!

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UU yeah.

How can i move the entire sequence around in pitch. I believe what i mean is to say to change the root note per cycle?

Im trying a 3rd sequencer, guessing it will go into CV input.

No =(

No, it will move the seq from f.i 1-4 to 2-5 or 3-6, what you want is to add a voltage (note) to the quantizer, you could use a sum and add/offset a seq of notes like this :

Or you could turn the ofst knob on the qnt manually.

Is the Vult part of this?

Yes it’s just outputting a voltage to add to the notes to be quantized.

Then out from 8:1 maybe to go into ins with FM-OP i have currently instead? Its making a Jingle now so if we cancel it she will be sad.

Swith goes to OP input, In your example knobs is used for output, so im confused how to use this into my existing patch

Remember I have no idea what you are doing, so maybe make a screenshot and explain what the problem is and what you want to achieve.

It doesn’t. It simpy implements the full sequence you specified that has mostly ‘repeating’ steps and a few predictable ‘deviating’ steps as part of the sequence.

I’m just stating the obvious, by stating that programming the full sequence is one way to get to where you wanna go. Simply evading the repetition/deviation problem altogether.