sequence a particular step in a sequence


Is it possible to sequence a particular step in a sequence in order to create variation?

In this example step 3 is sequenced;

Cycle 1 C C C C

Cycle 2 C C G C

Cycle 3 C C B C

Third step it sequenced C G B

The third step is controlled by the ADDR SEQ, steps 1.2 and 4 are fed by Reftone, clock 2 is /4 clock 1 = 120


If you want to expand on Yeager’s solution and change any step in a chosen sequence, you can use CYC by docB. It allows step voltages to be controlled by CV.

I am sure there are many more ways to do this.

CYC sequencer_20231118.vcv (3.0 KB)


Just another module to address one step of a sequence: VCV Library - Befaco Muxlicer

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this is another good module for that - each step can be a set value, or an input with attenuator

Not exactly but close enough: Count Modula Nibble Trigger Sequencer

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As you can gather from the replies, the type of module you’re after to do this is a “sequential switch”, and we have many of those. Also Stages/Segment Generator is great for advanced uses of this kind:

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Wow! So many useful answers. Thank you so much for this =) I am new to the forum and was waiting to recieve notifications on answers so i thought nobody answered this. Will look into this!

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So many ways to accomplish this, like Seq3 could have all three different versions as a row of cv sequence and fed into a switch that changes with each cycle of Seq3.

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By golly, yer right. Just switch between CV1, CV2, and CV3. Use the second-from-the-bottom row of output jacks to trigger a switch like VCV’s Sequential Switch 4 to 1.

Similarly, if you wanted more steps in a sequence, one could use Count Modula’s 16 Step Sequencer

and any number of Sequencer Channel 16 expanders.

He’s also got 8-step versions of those, and the simpler Basic 8 Step Sequencer (plus Expander) versions:


This is my first patch, So i copied this and now i am thinking. How do i get it to start =) Also the red cable that goes from OUT on FM-OP, does it go anywhere?


To start you need to push “run” on clocked, the red cable is going to a mixer and the mixer is going to the audio 8.

Here is a patch :

Rand 3rd Step 24122023.vcv (5.4 KB)

After setting the audio 8 to the right output, just hit the space-bar.

ok, im going to try it.

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Its playing a christmas tune =))

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I am not sure if i understand the patch. Reftone and FM op is creating the sound ADDR Seq is the sequencer and 8:1 is the switch?

  • sorry “The third step is controlled by the ADDR SEQ, steps 1.2 and 4 are fed by Reftone, clock 2 is /4 clock 1 = 120” i will think of this now

but reftone is not like a normal step sequencer? I cant see how i change the pitch per step on it for 1 2 4.

Reftone is just a constant C4 note, in order to change steps 1,2 and 4 you need to replace reftone by f.i. another ADDR SEQ or any other sequencer.

now i have 2 problems, step 1 2 4, i cannot change pitch per step, and step 3 from adds seq is that if i have 3 steps on it, it change step per step from main sequence so each time 8;1 moves, adds moves, i want adds to move one step for each cycle on 8:1 =)

Could you explain this a little bit better ?

This is using 2 seq and 4 steps.

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yes thank you for this, i am working on thiss solution now.

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