Sending a rack file with modules included?

Hi all,

Is it possible to send a rack file to someone along with all of the modules used within it? I want to send a patch to a non VCV Rack initiate ideally so they can just install VCV, open the file and go, but I assume they have to go to the library page and manually subscribe to the relevant modules?

Nope. Wouldn’t work if you have any non-free modules in the patch. User would still have to go and buy them.

Best is to provide notes with links to the plugin pages for the plugins to subscribe to (always give plugin subscriptions – individual module subscriptions don’t yield a great experience for the most part). Or, a listing of the module used, for which there a modules that give you that (e.g. ChowDSP Credit, but it unfortunately doesn’t provide the subscribe links. There’s probably another that can do that).

If you’re wanting to bootstrap a new user, then give them patches that use only Fundamental modules (or a limited set of one or two plugins to subscribe to).


I suspected as much but just wanted to be sure. Perhaps it could be a future feature one day. Thank you!

There is this tool I built that can help someone identify which modules they are missing for a given patch file, and then links to them to allow them to subscribe or buy as needed.


Incredibly cool, I’ll give this a try!