scripting language / interface to send values to module parameters ?

Hi, I wanted to know if this has been implemented already, can’t seem to find it.

I would like to know if I can generate values and to inject them in to the loaded modules via a scripting module or similar, for example,a trigger or a filter cutoff sweep via a stream of values.

Thanks !


There are many ways to approach this, depending on the specifics of what module you’re targeting, and whether it has CV inputs or just a knob/slider for the thing you’re wanting to automate.

There are a number of open scripting types of modules (e.g. BASICally, Frank Buss Formula). You can use sequencers to “script” things, and there are modules that let you target Parameters (i.e. most knobs) when there isn’t a CV input to plug into.

To say more, you’re need to get much more specific about your scenario and the modules you want to target.

let’s say I get an stream of values from an external data source. I want to normalize them on a way the module understands them, and then keep on passing them to it. Imagine, for the example and endless stream values that get normalized and injected in to the module, so let’s say a filter module sweeps the cutoff. Or for example, pass a trigger to mute/ unmute a module in a rack. I understand that this is not “standardized” and it depends on how the module is programmed then ?

No, it’s all standardized. Your “normalization” would be simply creating values conforming to the rack voltage standards and connecting it to the processing you want to do: Voltage Standards - VCV Rack Manual.

The hardest part could be getting that “stream of data” into Rack, unless it’s audio or MIDI, and depending on if it’s static or dynamic. If it’s static you can convert into an audio file and import it into a sampler module.

What you’re describing is in an abstract way the entirety of what VCV and the module ecosystem does: control processing with streams of values (it’s called “control voltage”).

The question is a bit abstract, so I’m not sure how familiar with Rack and modular you are.

I’m new :slight_smile: considering this for a project, but I need to know if I can use it. The sources are generating dynamic data, so I guess I should somehow need to generate CV or MIDI control change messages from the stream, then getting this in to VCV Rack real time ?

or Open Sound Control (OSC)

Here’s an idea, that sounds a bit like your use-case:


Nice, I see there are libraries for many languages, including Golang as well. So one can make VCV listen to a port that ingests OSC data ?

There are modules for sending and receiving OSC, yes. They listen on a tcp socket - can be local or remote IP. No OSC over SLIP/USB modules in VCV Rack (yet) - would be nice for “arduino style*” DIY controllers *see CNMAT.

GitHub - j4s0n-c/trowaSoft-VCV: trowaSoft Modules for VCV Rack

VCV Library - OSCelot

GitHub - Simon-L/ModScript
(ModScript development has been paused for a while)

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This solution seems plausible :slight_smile: Thank you very much for the introduction guys !