Bring in measurements from a digital multimeter

So, I wanted to bring in measurements from a digital multimeter UNITREND UT61E to VCV Rack. Perhaps someone else find this of use, so here it is:

I’m on Windows 11, so

I got sigrok-cli for windows from here.

I got the sendosc binary for windows from here, I put sendosc.exe in “C:\program files\sigrok\sigrok-cli”

In msys64-MingW64 i made a bash script, and made it executeable.

/c/Program\ Files/sigrok/sigrok-cli/sigrok-cli.exe -d uni-t-ut61e-ser:conn=COM1 -O csv:header=false --continuous | xargs -L 1 /c/Program\ Files/sigrok/sigrok-cli/sendosc.exe 7001 \//test f

In VCVRack 1.1.6 i set up trowasoft cvOSCcv output channel 1 to have the OSC address “/test”

and the “ADV” page

I expect the output from my Expert Sleepers ES-3 to be close to +/-10V and set the limts to -11 V and + 11 V.

Now, I can use Expert Sleepers Calibrator using the DMM voltmeter as input. I will probably document the process later.

Module Idea:

Write a module for VCVrack that makes libsigrok accessible using CV ins and outs.


Alternative for command line interface OSC usage