Sanguine Mutants Releases

I will post news about the Mutants here henceforth.

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While we test and write the manual for the next, big and complex release, we have a morsel!

This time our scientists spliced “Aleae”, a couple of Bernoulli Gates.


What can be changed to those, you ask?

  • They work as described in the hardware manual.
  • They don’t self doubt and have no confusion about what a latch is.
  • We ponied up for 4 buttons (at 90 pence a piece) so you can select how the coin toss is interpreted and how the output is handled using the buttons in the face plate, no need to long press or dive into context menus.
  • Lovely dark face plate.

If you need an explanation on how the different “coin tosses” or outputs work, check the Mutants manual for an in depth explanation (or the Branches one; but ignore everything about long presses).

For the previous modules:

  • We changed our knob supplier, so you’ll find the knobs have prettier, different colors.

Find your Mutants here!


For those who like living on the edge and don’t need no stinking manuals, nightly builds are now available for the Mutants! They can be found here:

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I am extremely happy to announce the Mutants are available in the VCV Rack Library (not the latest version, though); but this should give more people the opportunity to play with them :).


Sanguine Mutants 2.3.0 has been released!

  • Make some wicked sounds with “Nodi”, a full featured macro oscillator with every control exposed, based on MI’s Braids and Southpole’s CornrowsX

  • Want to feel like Monteverdi? Perhaps being a Borgia is more your dark jam? The Mutants proudly present “Contextus”, a macro oscillator based on the Renaissance firmware for MI’s Braids. Not available for Rack anywhere else.

  • Have you always secretly (or openly!) Wished you had a Monsoon-like form factor for Clouds in Rack? Now you can! “Nebulae” has you covered! Based on MI’s Clouds and the Monsoon module, “Nebulae” caters to your texture synthesizer needs (also, LED behavior is closer to what you get on real hardware… as long as it’s the Monsoon one).

  • “Nebulae” not enough for you? Why not use a Parasite? “Etesia” is based on the Clouds Parasite firmware (and Southpole’s work), presented in the same form factor as “Nebulae”. Why both you ask? Internal tables and some parameters are different… so they don’t sound the same.

  • Want to play Dead Man’s Catch? Now you can! “Mortuus” offers the Dead Man’s Catch firmware for Peaks to cater to your gap-filling needs. Unavailable anywhere else in Rack, everything is here… but there’s a… catch (heh!): The bytebeats equations had to be modified…

    Imagine, if you will, the following scenario:

[ some code here ]
myNum = 15;
myNum = myNum shr 2; // myNum is now "3"
someOtherNum = 5 mod myNum; // someOtherNum is now 2;
[ some more code here ]
myNum = myNum shr 2; // myNum is now "0"
someOtherNum = 5 mod myNum; // Horrible, fiery death via division by zero.
[ code we never reach ]
  • The bytebeats equations did stuff like that…a whole lot and I stood at the crossroads:

    • Disable the mode entirely.

    • Find the original equations and use those: Rack doesn’t crash (with those that can be found); but they are a fixed set of operations not really fit for an interactive module (and not up to the voltage standards).

    • Leave things as they are and hope users don’t move the knobs in a way Rack crashes (the worst option, probably)

    • Avoid crashes by ensuring zeroes are never used as divisors… this is the road I took, so most “bytebeats” will probably behave in ways you don’t expect (or do anything really fun at all, in the case of the 6th equation). I don’t know if the compiler used for the firmware treats shifts as rotates; the module’s output is just the device resetting itself over and over, or something else entirely, whatever the case…The way I did it was to ensure we always get at least “1” instead of “0” when divisors are concerned. Want to try your hand at fixing them so they behave like they should? Drop me a line!

  • Apices and Mortuus had their final button makeover (promise).

  • SVG lights are shy again when they should be.

  • Trigger lights for Mortuus and Apices follow their signals more closely.

  • Apices’ trigger detection has been disciplined and exhibits better behavior.

  • A bunch of minor tweaks and fixes.

Get your Mutants here (or wait for them to appear in the library with this version)!


@Bloodbat It would be cool if Nodi was polyphonic.


Thank you! It’s going to be very fun exploring these modules :slight_smile: … By the way, do these work correctly in VCV Rack 2.4.1, or do they require the latest version?

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work fine in 2.4.1 as far as I can tell so far


I might explore that, no promises.


I don’t use anything specific to 2.5.2.

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