Rsmus7: VCV playground

here I will collect my noodlings with VCV

my first try with Orca and VCV

more about Orca:


it’s not immediately clear, but are you using orca to generate midi here?

the result is very nice!

yes, Orca sends midi notes/messages to VCV via loopmidi

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That’s beautiful! so soft and dreamy, I think you nailed it.

:blush: thank you Adi, I’m really glad you like it

just a short test:


very cool ! Lovely beat and demo of the new stuff :smile:

thank you Valentin :smile:

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Sounds great Stephan!


Nice job showing off those modules. Sounds great!

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thanks Adi and Paul :slight_smile:
the modules make the sound, VCV gets better every day!


short video of some Nozoïd plugins in a patch @96kHz:

today I tried the new Lindenberg Research Filter Vampyr

and came up with this:


here is the patch if you like to mess with it:

rsmus7_lazy-monday-dub__1.vcv (78.0 KB)

as a kind of proof of concept I tried to make a patch with just 3 notes and no sequencer,but I used some switches and the EvenVCO’s second V/Oct inputs for a kind of Dieter’s Quantum trick without quantum :wink: and I tried the new 1987 for the beat…


Nice @rsmus7 ! I like this little melody quite a bit, sounds cool!

thank you Adi, this was just a try and a quick recording,
it is great that you like it :smiley:

a new minimal piece:


here I will start to collect some patches and some sounds I’m doing with VCV

I will start with the wonderfull new terrorform and the great opsylloscope

fullscreen opsylloscope starts at ~ 35 sec.

and here is the patch:

rsmus7_terrorform_on_opsylloscope.vcv (153.2 KB)


I will add some of my patches and perfomances here from time to time, I hope some might enjoy it, any comments are very welcome

a new entry to the list, a patch I did for the VCP-27, but didn’t submit, because I did something different :wink:

so here is my first one:

after watching Omri yesterday evening, I tried some of the tricks :wink:

thanks to Omri for the great live show and thanks to Dale (Valley) for the superb modules

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