=== very cool patch challenge edition 27 ===

Ho boy! This was a fun patch. I only used one Evolution but it’s super neat. Here we have Marbles and Erwin selecting the root note of the melody. That root goes into Harmony then into a sequential switch. The output of the sequential switch is triggered by x1 and x3 of marbles to create an arpeggiator. Those same triggers from marbles also fire two sample and holds, causing each to almost always hold a different note. That goes into the A/B inputs of Evolution.

Replace and parent are toggled by my new friend Grey Code. We send both outputs to a But precision adder from Southpole because Steevio is the man.

Rest of the patch is pretty straight forward. These are my synth voices. Bass line on the left, Elements on the right.

These are the drums and the mixer.

This is the rhythm section. I use this mixer next to the gate seq for blocking triggers. It’s easy to just grab an output from Gray Code into the mute CV and I instantly get some funky cut up beats. VC4 has less CPU overhead than MUTE8. Also, xfx pictured here. This is the filter I’ve put on the drums.

And that’s about that. Had a lot of fun with this one. Enjoy the ride.

9IronFinal.vcv (95.3 KB)


I decided to actually think a bit about this week’s entry before I submitted it. Evolution is used to sample the pitches of two sequences from SEQ-3 while another takes the end result and uses it to modulate the original sequences. Or something.

Here is the patch:

Lots of good stuff this week. I guess one decision people have to make is the extent to which their entry is defined by the module they have to use. I’ve chosen to make an entry predicated on the module rather than fitting it into an already existing patch.


I thought I would have a second go at VCP27. This is based on a pentatonic scale using three Evolution modules.

patchstorage: https://patchstorage.com/let-there-be-mablators/


Patch stored at: https://patchstorage.com/disused-world/

Two Evolutions quantized to a whole-tone scale, randomly sampled-and-held, and sent to Players. The second output channels of the Players feed two Clouds, and everything gets convolved with an IR from a big old church.


I haven’t submitted an entry in a while. Sometimes I have trouble making the module of choice do what I want. I’m very happy I tried this Evolution module! I have figured out how to make a very structured lead with just the right amount of random. Very interesting module. It’s become one of my favorite modules.


here is my entry:

I made two loops in the rcm piano roll and routed them to Evolution modules,
from there come some modulatins, for the beat I used one loop from looperman and send it to the meta modulator mixed with a sine-wave. everything beside this in the patch is randomly controlled. :wink:
A big thank you to Ben for hosting this contest and Andrew for the wonderfull VCVrack.

the patch: VCP-27_rsmus7_Evolution-Dub.vcv (110.3 KB)


This is my entry in vcp-27. Everything is randomly controlled except which voices play together at any one time. I have used Evolution in other patches and like it.

Patch: https://patchstorage.com/vcp-27-evolution-2/

Thanks for the contest and thanks a lot for VCV Rack.
Cy Ball

PS: Everyone’s submissions are fabuous!


What a great piece!

:joy: thank you

Groovy man! :slight_smile:

:blush: thank you

Here is my entry to #VCP-27. I add the patch here. I set out to use the module to create an eight note melody which is held in place at the very beginning. Then I allow it to alter one or two random notes in the sequence. All random but at the same time very structured! As usual feedback is encouraged. I want to improve.

Edit: when you load this patch the guitar will start by playing 8 C notes, and then start replacing notes randomly. After a short time it will sound awesome.

evolution-04.vcv (70.8 KB)


Nice patch Cy!

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Gorgeous patch Mateusz, sounds amazing!

I too must admit, that this module is one of those that I took a quick look at early on and then quickly dismissed because I couldn’t figure out what it did, and then I forgot all about it. Ach ach… will definately need to return to it again.


Very nice patch and a very pleasant tune, well done! Nothing brutal about the video that I could see.

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Love the dreamy feel of it, very nice soundscape.

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Here’s my go at the ML Evolution module. Not sure how or why it does what it does, but just made a sequence with the Analog Sequencer, threw it into Evolution with a S&H, and into Quantum Multiverse that feeds Audible Instrument voices. Hope you guys/gals like and here’s the patch: Evolution (VCP-27).vcv (90.4 KB)


This is my contribution to the Very Cool Patch Challenge 27. This time we had to use Evolution from ML Modules. Like always I challenged myself to use every module of the developer, but this time I had to realize, that there are so many special modules and some are only versions of other modules. So I used as much different modules as possible. And of course, there are 3 instances of Evolution, responsible for the melodic and rhythmic variations. Since there is noch VCO from ML Modules, I used 2 complete Synth Voices, the fabulous Incubus from Vult and Interzone from Valley, which is also a fantastic module. The Bass part comes from the Treasure VCO from ML Modules, which I will thoroughly examine soon. :metal::sunglasses:


Hey everybody.
First of all, I’m happy to see so many entries for this edition. I’ll carefully listen to all of them! It seems that modules challenges have more success than other ones :wink:
So, this is mine. I have to admit that this module didn’t really inspire me. But… I guess that it puts some funny behaviour int this patch.
I remember of @AdiQ 's advise on my first Karplus Strong patch that it would be great for drum and bass style. So… why not going for some funky stuff!?! The descriptions are in the video and the video description.
Two “Evolution” modules here (Again, I cannot say that they are in the center of the patch). One is driven by both sides of the mini 4 steps seq (dBiz) and send pitch informations to both “Karplus” voices. The other four seq drives, among other parameters the amount of feedpack of delay (Sustain level) for the Karplus voices. The other “Evolution” drives by itself (no external sources) the mapping of Topograph.

Enjoy!! Looking forward some constructive comments.
Have a NICE NICE and sunny week.

You’ll find the patch here: (sorry! no direct download, I’m not at home :innocent:)

Hi Mateusz,
This one is really really nice. Superb sound. Especially the guitar voice. Wish maybe a bit more of musical variation on the basal part. Very pleasant to my ears though. Bravo!