Roland JX-8P synth

Here is a link to a VCV rack clone of the Roland JX-8P synth. There are 3 other synths created by the same person on Patchstorage. Enjoy. This patch is made by milescosmo- but I have provided a link below:

Roland JX-8P - clone using free modules | Patchstorage


How did you made the plates? Coding?

You can contact the creator on the link above. I am just the message spreader of synth goodness. These are NOT my patches. You mean the controls, they are part of the Patch master modules from Mindmeld.

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I’m the guy who created the patch, and yep ady34 is right, I used the MindMeld PatchMaster modules to create the control panel :slight_smile:


Welcome Philip to the wondrous world of VCV Rack. How long you been tinkering and mastering the rack?

I’ve only been using VCV for about 8 months, I have however been using synths for about 20 years. I love the flexibility of VCV and other similarly deep platforms like UVI Falcon. Name’s Miles btw, Philip is my surname :slight_smile:

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Sorry Miles [whoops], well u certainly know your way around a few great synths by the look of your patches.