Resonators bank?


Is there anything like a bank of resonators in Rack? I was thinking about something similar to CNMAT’s resonators~ in Max or Reson from GRM Tools VST/AU.

I know it’s possible to accumulate a series of VCFs but something more compact and dedicated to resonances with controllable decay time would be nice.

Not sure, would VCV Spectra do the same?

No, because the frequencies in Spectra are fixed.

Maybe this ?

Rainbow is a port of the 4ms’ Spectral Multiband Resonator module to the VCV system.

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Interesting module but quite cryptic. A user’s manual would be welcome.

Paul knows, he also made a video : :grinning:

Video is here :


Go read the original manual on the 4ms website. For the most part it works exactly the same.

And, if you right click on the module, select ‘Plugin’ there will be a menu option to take you to the wiki where there is a link to the module manual:


Mr.Q maybe?