Reset issue with J.W. Modules Simple Clock and/or Audodafe Clock Divider

I made a video to help explain. Many thanks in advance:

One thing I noticed that the reset only fires when the clock is running, so there is no trigger when the clock is stopped. The divider is High half of the time and low for the other half so /4 is high for 4 beats and then low for 4 beats. I always use clocked from Impromptu, but that one also need a lot of changing the setting to work the way I want it to. :smiley:

but it just happens with the Autodafe clock divider that the gates stay high, not when I try it with the new Bogaudio RGate module, here the gates are low as soon as I stop the clock. So I would just change the Autodafe clock divider to the Bogaudio RGate and use something else for the resets if needed.

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for a clock divider I (would) use :


These have more options than the AutoDafe one.

See also my Post/Rant here :

Very helpful. Thank you! I can’t use CLKD because the clock isn’t fast enough and then the math either gets too hard or impossible if use multipliers, etc. etc.

The Ohmer one you recommend works beautifully! And I was already subscribed to it :partying_face:

Thanks again, my friend :grinning:


Thank you so much! (I’m the Ohmer plugin author).

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