Rendered Size of Rack Screws

Is this the only line I have to comment out, to run without cable shadows ?

Rack/RackWidget.cpp at 5551617afff182925940908eaf73a7d7361303cc · VCVRack/Rack · GitHub


Hi! I want to remove cable shadows, but I can’t find that widget.cpp file anywhere in rack folders. Can you guys help me understand where to find this file to edit? Thank you!

Path is Rack/src/app/CableWidget.cpp

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Thank you so much, Sir!

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Sorry to be a perfect noob but I really have difficult to understand how to. I downloaded from github a zip file containing same files and folders that i have already installed on my computer plus many others, including SRC folder, the one that contains the files that I am interested to edit. So how it works? I need to copy SRC folder inside my vcv content folder on the computer? (OS X). I noticed that in the folder I took from github there are no executable app files, so I thought about replacing the contents of the already existing folder on the pc with the new downloaded one but it doesn’t seem to work. i’m going crazy help please!

You have to build VCV Rack yourself, after you changed the cpp file :

Have fun.

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Oh yeah, I thought it was something like that! Far too complicated for a normal user like me. I’m a musician, not a programmer and I don’t install anything on my pc besides music apps so I won’t be able to enjoy this mod, too bad! I hope they add an option to remove cable shadows directly from view menu bar. Thanks everyone for the help!


Those of you who have commented about a simpler or flatter UI look might be interested in a branch where I added a “flatten UI” checkbox to the view menu that hides the screws, rack rails, shadows, light bloom, and flashlight glow: GitHub - abyrd/Rack: The Eurorack Simulator

There’s another branch there (v2-flat-svg) that also simplifies some of the SVG graphics.

Adding this checkbox does require recompiling the whole project (and plugins). As a less invasive approach, I made a “Superflat” module that flattens the interface when you press a button.