Rendered Size of Rack Screws

Bravo !

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Oh, I’m very sorry. I did misunderstand this completly. Of course, Your work is really cool. Best regards and health, Remo

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I changed my mind. The Rack without screws looks much more pleasing to me.


What have you done with all the leftovers ?

I sold them on eBay :money_mouth_face:

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screws just add visual clutter, and a typical VCV screen is already plenty cluttered. screws are the worst.


Yeah…screw them !


Obviously removing the screws broke VCV, or at least the SSL certificate :wink:

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The VCV Rack API says about screws:

If you don't add these to your ModuleWidget, they will fall out of the rack.

I also think that Rack looks much cleaner without all those shadows:



“They” being the certificate? Surely you’re joking Mr. Feynman :thinking:

Yep, I’ joking! :sunglasses:

Removing the shadows would make it easier to chromakey out the background for streaming and such.


Why stop there? I find Rack even cleaner without all those rails.


Here’s the Rail.svg file I used for the above screenshot:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<svg id="svg1" width="304px" height="380px" enable-background="new 0 0 304 380" version="1.0" viewBox="0 0 304 380" xml:space="preserve" xmlns="">
  <rect id="rect1" width="304" height="380" fill="#303030"/>
  <rect id="rect2" width="304" height="1" fill="#404040"/>
  <rect id="rect3" y="379" width="304" height="1" fill="#404040"/>

just replace Rack/res/ComponentLibrary/Rail.svg with this one:


and you will get a smooth black background.


An easier way to get a solid black background is to replace Rail.svg with an empty (zero byte) file.

This also works for getting rid of screws.

Replacing ScrewBlack.svg and ScrewSilver.svg with empty (zero byte) files removes these screws from all modules that instantiate them normally.

(Note: Deleting these .svg files will also work, but this causes warning messages for missing files in the Rack log.)


Absolutely! It took me a long time to realize the cable shadows are there, probably because my cable opacity is usually quite low. But once I noticed them I thought, gee, they make things messy. Especially if the cable opacity is high and there are lots of overlapping cables, then it can make it even harder to trace cables.

Generally VCV is very flat and 2D cartoonish looking (not in a bad way, just nothing even remotely photographic looking about it). Even modules that attempt to look more 3D still look 2D to me. So I don’t see any benefit to shadows, just detractors.

As for screws - I don’t mind them, nor do I miss them when a module does not implement them. I agree it does not make sense to make them separate elements if they are just static images.

I kind of like the rails, though I am sure I would get used to it if the rails were not there. If given a choice, I would preserve them.

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Great thread. :joy:

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the problem with screws it that they a) take up space that could be used for other useful things, and b) they distract visually from the function, but for no benefit.