Rendered Size of Rack Screws

I’m working on a panel in InkScape. I set the height to 128.5mm as per the Panel Guide. I’m trying to account for the presence of screws in the design for the top and bottom of the panel. To do this, I need the height of the screw image.

So I opened ScrewSilver.svg from the Component Library and checked the height of the screw: 3.439mm. However after accounting for this size in my panel, compiling, and checking the render inside Rack, I find that the screw is larger than expected.

So I went back and instead used the document height of ScrewSilver.svg: 3.96846mm (it’s not a nice number in pixels either: 14.99890). It turns out that this is still smaller than the actual rendered height.

I did some poking around in Rack’s code to try to find the right answer, but haven’t been able to find it. What’s the appropriate size to account for?

ScrewSilver.svg was probably produced before I required all SVG files to be in mm instead of pixels. The SVG file should be converted to mm, but then it would need to be rescaled by some factor.

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Do you mean you prefer panels without screws, or that the panel should just make no overt allusion to their existence?

i prefer no screws. they are not functional. it’s just skeuomorphism run amok.


VCV recommends that developers use screw graphics on their panels.

MindMeld might be willing to license our proprietary electromagnetic module attachment technology to you but the fee is quite high :wink:


To answer your question more seriously, Im not sure there is a fixed screw head size - make it the size you like that looks somewhat consistent with other people’s modules when rendered in Rack.

Or have a look at some other developers screw SVGs that are made in mm.

I not use modules without screws. they are dissonant

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Just edit the svg for the screws and make them transparent, like I did. I also don’t get skeuomorphism. I’m so glad Apple ditched this crap!

Screws are essential to hold a module in place. By removing all screws, the module will fall out of the rack.


Nonsense, there are plenty of modules with concealed fixings. I’ve never had any modules fall out of my rack. :slight_smile:

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maybe try my modules :hammer_and_wrench:

Please be careful not to round the heads of the screws off by using an incorrect screwdriver, kitchen knife or scissors, as this could lead to a module being a permanent fixture :stuck_out_tongue:


Screws should be turnable. That’s the only reason I can think of why screws are separate elements and not directly drawn into the panel’s svg-file.

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why nobody use Hex Screws?


My modules ship with some similar known screws in Eurorack-land…


And the stubborn marks on the screen are very difficult to remove :rofl:

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Are my modules the only ones with turnable screws? :thinking:


I thought you were joking, the tool tips while undoing your screws brightened up my lunch.