Remap MIDI notes


I´ve got an Akai FL Fire controller and like to use it with VCV Rack, but it´s sending strange MIDI notes, e.g. “E0-Note on” when I touch the top left knob, then CC-values while turning the knob and “E0-Note off” when I release the knob. Is it possible to filter out these unwanted MIDI notes?

Also, is it possible to change incoming MIDI notes to other note values, so e.g transpose “F4” to “F2”?

Thanks in advance

A simple way to filter out a MIDI note range would be to use RJModules Split Keyboard MIDI-CV

After that, transposition by octaves is generally just a matter of adding an offsetter, since the V/OCT standard means 1 volt = 1 full octave. Using the right click on controls lets you dial precise values. In this example I’m transposing down two octaves using Bogaudio Offset

Stack from Bogaudio is good also for transposing incoming midi :slight_smile:


Setting the voltages to ±3v will stop your oct 0 and oct 8 while maintaining oct 1 to oct 7 range playing a note outside the ±3v range, such as E0, will still set to the min or max of that range i.e. E0 -3v