Reducing the amount of modules on a 2nd Computer

I have recently acquired a laptop to augment my desktop system and use when away. I want to limit the number of plugins available on it. However the only option available in the menu bar is ‘download all’. Is there a way round this, or do I have to download all and then delete those that I don’t want in order to have a ‘lean traveling machine’? Also, limiting choice may have a positive effect on creativity. (I hope) Any help gratefully accepted.

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Maybe the answers in his thread help How do you slim down your personal module library?

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Maybe create a second account and use this for your laptop? This would work only with free modules, of course.


So the answer seems to be - download all and cull. There is no alternative. Thank you for your contribution

Unfortunately I have paid for modules that I wish to continue to use. If I cull after downloading will my updates list still show those I have removed? That could be a real pain. Thankyou for your reply.

have a look at the MB module from @stoermelder - i think it allows you to define favourites and maybe even to hide certain modules - i think this might do the trick for what you are looking for …

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Yes, thanks, I use MB on my desktop Mac. I was hoping that there was a way round downloading the full 2.5K of modules in order to extract the ones I wanted for a ‘stripped down’ system.

which OS are you on? on Windows I would go to C:\Users\yourusername…\Documents\Rack\plugins-v1

and select all pluginfolders that you like to use on the laptop and zip them together.

then copy them to a usb stick or whatever (or send the zip via e-mail/cloud …) and install VCV on the laptop and unzip the modules to the C:\Users\yourusername…\Documents\Rack\plugins-v1 folder on the laptop

then you have only the ones that you like there, but you still see the red update dot for all your subscribed plugins. YOu only don’t need to update the ones that you don’t want to.