How do you slim down your personal module library?

Actually there are more than 2400 modules in the official Rack library, and of course I downloaded all the free plugins :partying_face:

But at the end I always come up with a patch containing more ore less the same handful of modules :grimacing:

Did you slim down your personal library by unsubscribing?

Did you slim down your personal library by editing the plugin.json files?

And what are your strategies to choose one module/plugin over the other for keeping it in your personal local library?

I keep all modules active. But I have saved a patch called “Fixed Rack” where I keep all the modules I use frequently, and which I combine with eurorack as if they were an extension of the hardware.

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You can try the „Favorites“ feature of my MB module-browser-replacement-module.


Yes this and it also lets you sort modules by your ‘most used’

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I guess I could take this right here as an opportunity to unsubscribe from <10 of the 84 Brands I currently have modules from (a total of 1560), but on the other hand they don’t bother me.

I prefer only add "trusted " developers (it is a very personal and subjective filter ) and is very difficult to add a new developer , despite this I have 1363 modules in my library

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Sometimes i delete all modules and start rebuilding my library from what i find i’m using the most. I resist the urge to install randomly.

Slimming? I don’t worry about it. Everything that’s open source exists as git clones on my box. Some things are purchased license, and they get pulled every time I update. For the free blobs, I just subscribe as they are updated or added, and unsubscribe after downloading. In use, Stoermelder’s MB allows me to exclude things from my view if I find the module browser too busy, but so far I’ve not used that feature despite a module count of 2371. Search by type or maker keeps my browsing pretty simple, and I have a few templates that have the common necessities (MIDI-in/Audio-out, mod/bend controls) already loaded. As far as upgrades, I build things as they change, and everyone lives in a squashfs, and that has scripts for its reconstruction and network-wide update. (Boxes seem to reproduce when I’m not looking)

Just make sure you subscribe to me! Thank you :wink:


i dont worry about it much. when something better comes out i’ll unsub and remove whatever it is replacing, for instance, ‘my little tools’ for Stoermelders ‘MB’. im also not someone who just installs all the free stuff and the only paid plugin i’ve ever got rid of was Sonus’ premium plugin.

The MB module is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. but it took me quite some time to figure out how to make it work, with me not at all familiar with the Rack v0.6x interface.

  1. Right-clicking on the MB module revealed no clue as to how to add Favourites, only how to import and export Favorites and Hidden. I eventually noticed the additional options that you get when you right-click on a module in the Library view.
  2. It took me even longer to notice the new entry in the Library view’s left-hand column, “Favorites”, just above “Tags”.

I’m not meaning to complain (well, maybe just a bit, since documentation is a pet peeve of mine), but it would’ve been nice to read about those features in the Manual.

Resizing the Preview especially nice. :+1: Much better than having to pinch-zoom on a trackpad or Ctrl-scroll with a mouse.:mag: