Rebuild modules and patch with midi

Hi, absolute noob here. I would like to rebuild basic modules with hardware components (arduino) and control vcv rack via midi including patch cables. My intentions is to build an euro rack with midi modules, each as real as possible to get that analog feeling. Im sure, im not the first with this idea but my research so far is that nobody have done such project so far, or my searching skills are limitid. I think the second is the case, sorry for that. If someone could give me a hint where i can get some examples for basic module with patching capabilities, i would be very thankfull.

Sorry for my bad english, greetings from germany.

There’s MIDI lar, see also this thread Midilar news

… and of course a video by Omri Cohen:

You can also look here. But zyx hasn’t posted anything since october last year.

This is exactly what im looking for. Only thing is, i want to use real cables. I would like to go open source, so everyone interested is welcome to diy or to contribute.

I’m not sure I understand the concept.

Could you explain in terms of one module what you expect as inputs and outputs on the hardware and VCV side?

One hardware module I’m looking at that helps with VCV to MIDI and back is the upcoming Befaco MIDI Thing 2. It supposedly lets you set CV ports up on the fly for either incoming or outgoing MIDI.

I want to build a VCO from vcv rack as a standalone midi module and a VCF module also as standalone midi controller. Than patch those two midi controllers with real cables and vcv rack is doing the rest.

I suppose you could use MIDI for the hardware communications, but seems like unnecessary overhead and loss of resolution compared to connecting your physical modules with voltage over simple 1-wire cables like any other Eurorack module. But I think I understand the concept to have all-digital communication between modules. For that other protocols would have better speed and resolution. Maybe direct i2c. But I personally don’t have enough hardware experience to say what would be easier to get up and running. Of course, this type of module would be incompatible with any other voltage controlled hardware.

I still don’t get it, but good luck.

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