Midilar news

Dear Midilar friends,

thank you very much for all your support, messages, emails and comments I received.

It was a long break in production of Midilar controllers but I am planning to start producing them again. I’ll try to get in touch with all of you who were interested in my products soon.

For now I am posting photos of upgraded version of Midilar nó.

Have a great day!



Great news! Welcome back Jakub! Regards, Andras

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Fantastic! Excited to hear about the new controllers.

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Man, those fader caps look nice! Are those knobs trim-pots or something bigger? Because what I’ve discovered in hardware is that trim-pots is something I want to avoid when possible. Too small for comfort and travel too ackward and flimsy.

Thank you Lars, the shaft of knobs is 12,5mm x 6mm and yes, someone can find it small, the reason why I am doing also eurorack version of Midilar, where you can have bigger knobs.