Rebel Tech Announcements Thread


I’ve been working with Martin at Rebel Technology. Martin is based in Barcelona alongside Befaco guys and was interested in bringing some of his creations to VCV rack as well. The first release is now in the library: VCV Library - RebelTech

What’s included

We’ve started with a selection from the Euclidean Series and for the initial release we will be including the following:

  • Phoreo - function processor for gates/clocks that simultaneously performs pulse width modulation, multiplication and repetition.
    • Try audio rate signals, you can get some interesting overtones with the Mult (middle row), and pulse width modulation with the top row
  • Klasmata - CV controlled Euclidean sequencer
  • Stoicheia - dual channel Euclidean sequencer (two independent or one chained)
  • Tonic - additive interval pitch sequencer that turns triggers into melodies
    • It is polyphonic so try experimenting with this (example)!
  • Logoi - voltage controlled clock divider, counter, and delay.
  • CLK - three channels of clock pulses (gate / trigger modes supported)

These are intended to be relatively direct ports of the original Arduino source (with a few minor deviations to be consistent with VCV standards), differences are listed here.


Any issues feel free to log on GitHub or in the development thread. Code is open source and released as gpl-2.0-or-later.

Release History

v2.0.0 - Initial release v2.0.1 (WIP) - dark mode for existing modules



Great stuff hemmer and Rebel Tech, thanks!

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