Raspberry Pi 4 + Rack 2.1.2: Exec format error


Objective: I would like to run Rack Pro for linux v2.1.2 on a Raspberry PI 4 (model B Quad Core 64 bit - 4gb) running the latest 64-bit Raspbian w/zenity.

Currently: With Rack2Pro installed on /usr/share/VCV/Rack2Pro when I double-click on Rack nothing happens.

When I use the terminal and cd to /usr/share/VCV/Rack2Pro and type ./Rack I get the following error:

bash: ./Rack: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error.

The same behavior happens with Rack2Free (/usr/share/VCV/Rack2Free).

Thoughts on how to resolve this?

Woohoo! Drew

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Rack is not available for ARM, it only works on intel/x64 systems

Like falkTX says, it won’t work, sorry, because Raspberry PI is ARM hardware, not Intel/x86/x64.

with the exception of Apple Silicon of course (because Rosetta2). Come to think of it, it should work on Windows for ARM (beta) as well, it also has an Intel translation layer: How x86 and Arm32 emulation work on Arm | Microsoft Learn

some people seem to have managed to run some version of rack 2 on a rPi 4

but I have no idea how well they work or how the plugins are managed there.

Yeah, it’s not just Rack, you have to compile all the plugins you want to use for ARM as well.