Rack with Audio Hijack and Loopback

I’ve been experimenting with combining Rack with Audio Hijack and Loopback. A summary of my discoveries so far:

  • Audio Hijack is a nicely low-CPU recorder, and because it can use Loopback as an input, it’s capable of isolating specific software audio sources from the rest of the audio going on in the machine.
  • I’ve been very happy with creating Loopback virtual audio devices and routing them into Rack; just add multiple Core audio modules and select the virtual audio devices from them for input. Makes it very easy to, for instance, use Javascript for generative audio and post-process it with Rack.

Would be interested to hear about any other uses folks have found for this combo. I’m looking forward to routing external audio through an envelope follower into Rack; just haven’t gotten round to it yet.


I used to use Audio Hijack a lot back when I still had a MacBook. It’s a great piece of software.